Sunday, June 7 2015

Ruby Lloren Robbed and Burned to Death in Malaysia

A pinay named Ruby Lloren was allegedly burned to death and robbed by an unidentified suspect in Malaysia last Tuesday. The crime reportedly occurred while her Malaysian husband was still at work.


Major news outlets in the Philippines published some information of the crime when the family members of Ruby Lloren allowed the local journalists to conduct a short interview. Sheila, sister of the victim, shared the tragic story to the press and said they learned the incident when Ruby's husband proactively communicated the crime on the same day that Ruby Lloren was burned to death in the couple's apartment in Malaysia.

07 Jun 2015 admin
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Sunday, May 10 2015

Fake Beggar Spotted along MRT Ortigas Sidewalk (Video)

A certain man recorded a video of the fake beggar along MRT Ortigas station. The suspect was utterly surprised when the man approached and asked him to show his right leg.


An unidentified angry netizen confronted a beggar pretending to have a crippled leg in Ortigas last April 2015. Armed with an amateur video camera, he challenged a beggar to show his right leg. At first, the suspect anxiously reacted and he attempted to cover his face. However, with the agressive stance of the man the fake beggar gave in to his request.

10 May 2015 admin
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Sunday, March 22 2015

How to Order Flowers at Gertrudes Online Flower Shop

If you plan to order fresh flowers without visiting an actual flower shop, we highly recommend you to visit Gertrudes online flower shop. In this article, we will provide you the steps on how to place an order of high quality flowers using their online payment system.


Early this month, I was looking for an online flower shop which offers free delivery within Metro Manila area. Google search results returned a long list of online shops in Makati which includes Gertrudes flower shop. They offer wide variety of flowers for various occasions such birthday and anniversary, Valentines' day, Mother's day, etc. However, my interest was to look for a flower for my girlfriend who was sick a few weeks back. Fortunately, Gertrudes online flower shop has a lot of Get Well Soon flower arrangements. So, I quickly picked one and placed an order.

22 Mar 2015 admin
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Friday, March 6 2015

Whitney Houston's Great Taste Love of All Meme (Viral Photo)

The late and famous American singer has been brought to life again through a viral "Great Taste Love of All" photo circulating on social media. The meme draws laughter as it uses a coffee brand in the Philippines while it also links to her hit song, Greatest Love of All.


06 Mar 2015 admin
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Flag-down rates of Taxi Rolled Back to P30

The communiters were delighted to hear the announcement of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) on Friday regarding the taxi flag-down rate rollback. The government agency mentioned that the current cab fare will be cut down to P30.


Noticeable numbers of commuters including the Overseas Filipino Workers(OFW) immediately turned to social media to thank the LTFRB officials. OFWs returning home will benefit the said rollback since the provisional fare cut will also include the rate of airport taxi.

06 Mar 2015 admin
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The Lions' Scary Surprise to a Family who Visited South Africa(Video)

Lions are smart and intelligent and they can make scary surprises!

Lions, the fiercest animal and popularly known as "king of the jungle", are also considered as one of the most intelligent creatures in the world. In this video, we will show you their uncanny and jaw-dropping behavior.


06 Mar 2015 admin
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Monday, November 24 2014

Security Guard Plays Saxophone at MRT North EDSA (VIDEO)

A newly hired security guard was allegedly assigned in MRT North EDSA to play Saxophone to entertain commuters during rush hour.

security-guard-plays-saxophone-mrt-video Is the girl on the right hand side merely using her cellphone or is she annoyed of the security guard playing the Saxophone? :)

A video showing a male security guard armed with a Saxophone is currently making the rounds online. In the video, he walks along the long queue of MRT passengers who are polling at the entrance of the train station. The security guard in full uniform is also seen joining the commuters inside the MRT cars while playing the lovely instrument.

24 Nov 2014 admin
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Sunday, November 16 2014

Rapist in Laguna Caught on CCTV (Naked Photo of Rape Victim)

An unidentified suspect who raped and murdered the eight-year-old girl in Biñan, Laguna was caught by authorities with the help of the CCTV footage. The teenager boy was arrested after the police closely scrutinized the frames generated from the recorded video.


It's been a daunting task for investigators to track and identify the faces of criminals but with the aid of advance technology, they could now easily point and trace the offenders. In example, the suspect of the rape-slay case of April Erispe in Laguna was immediately apprehended last week.

Aside from the CCTV footage, the testimony of the witnesses who saw the rape victim completely naked in a creek in Barangay Zapote, Biñan, Laguna strengthen the claims and theory that the captured suspect was behind the killing and rape incident.

16 Nov 2014 admin
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Wednesday, August 20 2014

What If Michael Bay Was the Director of These Famous Hollywood Movies?

Did you ever raise this question, 'What if the famous director Michael Bay directed some of the greatest Hollywood movies like Shawshank Redemption, Titanic, Frozen, My Little Pony, etc.?'


20 Aug 2014 admin
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Sunday, August 17 2014

Watch The Heartwarming Performance of the Guy Who Was Bullied For Years Because of His Looks

The featured guy today is very popular all throughout the web. This humble guy has been bullied for years due to his unusual looks but when he auditioned at the Austrialian reality TV show, 'The X Factor Australia 2014', his 'true colors' stunned the crowd including all judges in the show.


17 Aug 2014 admin
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