Magkakaibigan Na UP Medical Graduates Top 1 & 2 Sa Physician Licensure Exam 2021

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  • Three Friends and UP Medical Graduates Top 1 & 2 In The Physician Licensure Exam 2021
  • Ian Juyad garnered the highest score with 87.50 percent
  • Geremiah Llanes and Jian Leal tied at number 2 spot with 87.42 percent

Three close friends from University of the Philippines-Manila took the Physician Licensure Examination 2021 and all of them passed the exam and landed at the top spots. three-friends-up-manila-medical-graduates-top-1-and-2-physician-licensure-exam

From left to right, UP Medical graduates Ian Grabriel Juyad placed Top 1, both Geremiah Llanes and Jian Leal are tied on Top 2

Ian Gabriel Juyad who scored 87.50% didn't know the result first hand. It was his girlfriend who revealed the results to him. In an interview, Ian mentioned that his girlfriend initially approached and asked him, "Have you seen it?"

Having no clue of what was it all about? He replied back, "Seen what?"

That's when his girlfriend broke the news that he is the top 1 in the list of passers.

Ian initially couldn't believe it and he thought that it was just a prank but his girlfriend who also passed the exam mentioned that his two other friends were also on the top list.

Ian's very closed friends, Geremiah Llanes and Jian Leal, both tied at number 2 spot with 87.42 percent. Geremiah earlier learned his own status in the licensure exam who became curious of the topnotchers this year. When he checked the list of passers, he was very surprised and so happy that all three of them exceled the exam and for being at the top 1 and 2 passers this year.

During the interview, Ian Juyad admitted that he doesn't have any plans of going abroad because he wants to give back to the country by teaching in the academe in the coming years.

Only 1,677 out of 2,302 examinees passed the Physician Licensure Exam which was administered last October 2021.

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