Filipina Super Tindera Dance Moves Viral on Social Media

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A young Filipina storekeeper caught the attention of many internet users after her "super tindera dance" performance video was uploaded on Facebook. Her funny but amazing dance moves truly entertained thousands of netizens.

Are you looking for a simple yet could possibly be the best dance ever? If you do, then you better watch the video of a certain Filipina storekeeper who has lots of crazy dance steps, She is currently the main topic in social media right now because of her entertaining dance moves.

A video credited to Mary Rose M. Ditsos was posted by a large Facebook page. The said clip contains the full length dance performance of the Filipina called "Super Tindera". 

In the video that runs for around three minutes, the storekeeper is seen performing her own crazy dance choreography which will make you laugh out loud. The young girl is enjoying what she does in front of the camera while a loud music is being heard from the background.


If you notice, this girl is inside a sari-sari store who is frequently attending her customers from time to time. Netizens are quite amazed with her because she is really on the beat and she seems to have a really good dancing skill.

After completing the transactions of her customers she immediately goes back and continue her dance performance. What we really like about Super Tindera is her attitude at work. She never forget to assist the customers in the sari-sari store despite the fact that she is also busy dancing all over the place.

Here's the video that we just described and we hope that you will enjoy as well upon watching the viral clip. As of writing, the video has already garnered a total of 7,000,000 views with over 104,000+ reactions and 100,000+ shares.

Super tindera continunes to receive praises and she is expected to become a famous personality in local television programs of GMA network or ABS-CBN.

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Posted by on 26 Jun 2017

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