Traffic Violation Promo - 50% Discount on Traffic Fines in Manila

By: DiversityHuman in Social Media

A certain enforcer who belongs to the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) was caught on camera deliberately offering "50% discount on traffic violation fines". The said report is available at the famous Facebook page of Top Gear Philippines.

A 43-second viral video is currently circulating on various Facebook pages and closed groups depicting the abusive action of the unidentified traffic enforcer who bargained the violation fees of a private driver. In the short clip, one can really conclude that the MTPB enforcer was serious in his suggestion so the motorist can save money.


If you scrutinize the scene, the discount proposal was made in broad daylight. The officer is obviosuly confident and didn't have any hesitation to his actions. This only means that these enforcers could have victimized hundreds of drivers-both innocent and real traffic violators.

Due to this continuous abuse, thousands of netizens are now wanting Mayor Duterte to lead the country. 




Posted by on 24 Apr 2016

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