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Sunday, June 26 2016

Cancer Survivor Contestant in Britain's Got Talent Earns Golden Buzzer

A teenager earned the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell after her fabulous performance in Britain's Got Talent. 

Calysta Bevier, 16-year-old singer from Grand Rapids in the state of Ohio, bravely joined the reality TV show Britain's Got Talent where she shared an emotional message regarding her health condition and how she faced the challenge to chase her dreams.


This teenager isn't an ordinary girl. She was fighting against a stage 2 cancer. Before her performance she openly shared an inspirational note to everyone especially those who are dealing with the agonizing cancer treatment.

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Tuesday, June 21 2016

Motorist to MMDA officers, "Not All Angels Have Wings"

Metro Manila Development Authority(MMDA) officers are infamous for extortion along EDSA-victimizing helpless drivers, but this story will surely change your expectations to these traffic enforcers. A motorist who encountered these men even said on Facebook, "not all angels have wings" when he narrated his experience with the MMDA traffic enforcers. 

J.P. Mercado, in a lengthy post on social media, admitted that he is not familiar in engine mechanics but he can drive a car. Unexpectedly, his dreaded horror occurred on the street early Monday of June 20, 2016 at the middle of Katipunan Avenue. He was already close to his house but his car stalled for some reasons he couldn't identify.

He tried to stay cool and relax while waiting for some good Samaritan to help him fix his car. In no time, he started to panic since he noticed that the drivers following him were already agitated. Some honked their horns with signs of being irritated due to the fact that he was blocking the traffic flow.

To further elaborate the next series of events, here's the detailed post of Mercado.

I was at the Ateneo Gate 3 intersection, and I was a sitting duck. I watched the stoplight change colors helplessly as cars and trucks honked at me and switched lanes with almost audible irritation, despite my hazard lights being on.

All my dashboard’s indicator lights would light up when I’d try to start the car too. I wasn’t sure what was wrong. Maybe my week-old battery was faulty? What was that smell? At this unholy hour, I prayed aloud, asking for my car to start and get me to the closest gas station, which was the Petron at the C.P. Garcia intersection, just around half a kilometer away.

What was he looking for?

I kept looking around for MMDA officers. I knew that once they spotted me, it was game over.

Sure enough, after around 10 minutes of fretting, and an incoherent call to Motolite’s hotline, I saw MMDA officers on the other side of the road.
They were coming for me.

Wishing for the best

I felt that I was in serious trouble, and I accepted my fate as I watched the MMDA officers get off their bikes.

All my fears, however, melted away as soon as one of the officers gave me the friendliest smile one could ever hope for at that time of night and said, with a concerned and consoling laugh, “Sir, ano pong nangyari?”

Signs of Relief

I told them how the car stalled, while confessing that I knew nothing about cars, and so they asked me to open up my car’s hood to see what was wrong.

When we opened it up—which I should have done in the first place—, we discovered that my car’s radiator cap had popped off, probably because it wasn’t screwed on properly, they surmised. So it definitely WASN’T the battery.

They asked if I had bottled water with me. I remembered that I didn’t get to replace it the last time—which I also should have done—, but I told them that there was a 7-Eleven just across from where we were.

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Friday, July 31 2015

DIVATUDE | Are Divas Born or Made?

Are divas really born or made? Does it come with DNA or technology? At the age of six, I wonder what and how divas are made. Between Kim Kardashian and Michelle Obama who is more diva certified?


Photo (Copyright):

We all have different concepts of being a diva, but with the fast pace life cycle how it is being defined changes like a blink of an eye. Now I'm 27, I've been through a lot of ups and downs in life. Name it, from headaches to heartaches. I realized being a diva is not about having a glamorous lifestyle, having a pretty face which makes paparazzi go insane, or having a famous beau. These current definitions of diva are so lame and so aesthetics. Being a diva for me is a total package. Oh yeah, I know its a bit general and easier said than done, right? But have you ever wonder how the word "DIVA" came up? What's more ironic is that the real definition of DIVA is way better that what you really think.

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Thursday, November 27 2014

21, Young and Mom | Wishing to be Whole Again for Him

Some say I am no longer a teenager and I should not think I’m young enough for a new kind of responsibility. I would not disagree, but at this early stage where my life is just about to begin I really don’t know where to put myself. I got pregnant without plans of having one but feeling a heartbeat inside of me is what I call a miracle.


When you get pregnant you’ll be in three trimesters and in my first I’ve been to the point where I denied and didn’t care at all. I didn't know what to expect when the pregnancy kit indicated a positive result until we decided to consult a medical expert.

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Friday, September 26 2014

Pinoy Renders own Version of 'Something to Say' by Harem Scarem

Pinoy Renders own Version of "Something to Say"by Harem Scarem

Another viral video hits the social media featuring an OFW who flawlessly rendered his own version of "Something to Say" by Harem Scarem.

According to the introduction done by the amateur singer himself, the song is memorable to him since it inspired him and all of his friends. He further narrated the people behind him who continue to support him including the most important person in his life--his wife in the Philippines.

Reggie (the guitarist) made a stunning introduction of the song. He perfectly plucked the strings like a professional guitarist. Then came the golden voice of the OFW.


Watch the trending video below!

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Friday, September 5 2014

Miracles happen everyday, for me it happened one rainy Sunday Night

My mom is the rock of our family. She's the strong person that keeps the family together especially in times of trials. She gives us hope when we face challenges in our lives. She takes care of us, despite a house help around; would still find time to wake up early to make sure there's breakfast at the table. I think my Dad and siblings would agree when I say, we depend so much on our Mama. Then just last June her doctor dropped a bomb on us, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer.


Banner design: Gem Llave

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Sunday, August 17 2014

Watch The Heartwarming Performance of the Guy Who Was Bullied For Years Because of His Looks

The featured guy today is very popular all throughout the web. This humble guy has been bullied for years due to his unusual looks but when he auditioned at the Austrialian reality TV show, 'The X Factor Australia 2014', his 'true colors' stunned the crowd including all judges in the show.


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Thursday, July 17 2014

An Open Letter to Anyone Who Might Able to See This (Dreadful Typhoon Glenda)

Open Letter to Typhoon Glenda

It’s drastic. It’s life-threatening. It’s extreme. I know you somehow or absolutely got scared and had tied up your tongue while you were looking outside of your window much threatened and saw how dreadful it was to become a tree, a plant, street animal, or an electric cable at that time.


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Monday, July 14 2014

Be a HERO and Join Selecta Save The Children Day on July 15 2014

Join Save The Children Day on July 15 2014 and be an Ultimate Hero

At some point in our lives, each of us wants to have a hero. Sometimes we also want to be the hero and we ask ourselves, what are the attributes of a hero?


In the eyes of the children, a hero can fly, has the capability to control things, and a person who can stop time in a snap. Super heroes are powerful and immortal. They can break walls and some of them can travel the speed beyond our imagination. But do we really have to be like them to be a hero to these children?

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Thursday, March 27 2014

I Graduated from College and this is My Letter to My Parents

Mommy/Daddy, Ma/Pa, Naynay/Tatay, Father/Mother this is for you…Well I call them Ma and Dad.

First off, I had to write a letter because I have no other chance to say a speech since I’m not Cum Laude or Magna or Suma or any kind of “Laude” for that matter. Sorry about that.

College is tough I know. Not just for me but most definitely for you both. Of course, it’s not just about college; it’s the whole education thing. You guys have gone through so much hard work to put me through school and I want you to know that it’s better than all of the gifts that you could ever give a child.

Anyway, there is so much I’d like to say to you, Ma and Dad.


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