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Sunday, June 26 2016

[VIDEO]Kiko Matos to Baron Geisler - "I love you. Mahal ko siya"

Kiko Matos admitted to the local field reporters that he loves Baron Geisler after their much anticipated fight. In the video, Matos said, "Mahal ko siya".

Could this be a bromance? This might sound funny but netizens quickly concluded that the actors might have fallen in love to each other. In the interview, the indie actor explained that he hugged Baron inside the ring and whispered to Geisler, "Mahal kita".


Both fighters embraced each other after the match.

Baron received heavy punches causing a lot of bruises on his face. If you want to watch the replay of their fight, the video is available below.

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Monday, February 29 2016

Taxi Driver Caught on Camera Forcing a Passenger to Pay Extra (Video)

A taxi driver was caught on camera forcing a passenger to pay extra after the commuter declined to have a fixed rate trip to Ninoy Aquino International Airport(NAIA). The chauffeur got mad when the passenger firmly refused to give him a tip.

A short video uploaded on Facebook shows an arrogant taxi driver who went berserk when the wise traveler rejected his demand for an extra fare. The suspect argued to the passenger and insisted that he must pay him P100 instead of P61. The driver explained that they traveled a very long distance. The passenger then mentioned that there's even a fare rollback declared by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board(LTFRB) hinting that the final amount should have a 10-peso deduction. This is when their conversation started to heat up but since the smart commuter was equipped with an amateur camera, the cab driver failed to obtain what he wants to get from the man.


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Sunday, February 14 2016

Cute Little Baby Paloma Earns Praises from Netizens

A cute little baby girl who looks extremely similar to Paloma of the popular TV series "Ang Probinsyano" is earning praises from netizens. In the viral photo, the kid is seen wearing a pink shirt and obviously depicts a very close resemblance to the eyebrows of Coco Martin including other remarkable physical features of the famous actor in all angles.

On social media, netizens proclaimed the baby girl as the younger sister of Paloma. With so much popularity of the real-life Paloma of Bukidnon, Janice Adams, this baby amazingly caught the curious fans of Coco Martin on Facebook.

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Monday, August 3 2015

[Video] The Impossible: Robbie Maddison Manages to Float on Saltwater using his Dirt Bike

Robbie Maddison made history when he managed to drive his dirt bike and remained floating on saltwater. The daring stunt was captured on cam and has gone viral on the internet. 


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Monday, November 24 2014

Security Guard Plays Saxophone at MRT North EDSA (VIDEO)

A newly hired security guard was allegedly assigned in MRT North EDSA to play Saxophone to entertain commuters during rush hour.

security-guard-plays-saxophone-mrt-video Is the girl on the right hand side merely using her cellphone or is she annoyed of the security guard playing the Saxophone? :)

A video showing a male security guard armed with a Saxophone is currently making the rounds online. In the video, he walks along the long queue of MRT passengers who are polling at the entrance of the train station. The security guard in full uniform is also seen joining the commuters inside the MRT cars while playing the lovely instrument.

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Thursday, October 9 2014

Professional Twerker Jessica Vanessa gets Paid by Shaking her Booty | Number one Twerker in the World

Vine star Jessica Vanessa, a teacher turned professional twerker, has earned thousands of dollars for shaking her booty. Multi-million companies invited her to perform twerking and she automatically gets paid after mentioning their products to her 2M+ social media followers.


In an interview, 22-year-old Jessica, dubbed as the queen and number one twerker in the world, shared her story and admitted that she quit her previous job to do twerking. She focused on creating videos and earned money on the internet out of it. The social media sensation received a lot of offers after releasing a couple of short videos. Vanessa said she bought a new car and got a higher monthly earning compared to what she was previously getting when she was still a teacher.


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Sunday, September 21 2014

GAYS Enjoying Typhoon Mario in Malhacan, Meycauayan (Video)

Meycauayan, Bulacan - A group of five gays were having fun in Malhacan, Meycauayan and recorded a short video during the peak of typhoon Mario. Then later one of them uploaded a copy of the video on Facebook which immediately caught the attention of Filipino netizens.


The video captioned "Enjoying the worst at its best" included an additional description that says "Gay stands for calamity. Biyahe tayo!". Gerald Fajardo mentioned that the clip was planned and directed by Erick Fashionizta, who seems to be an owner of a salon shop in the province of Bulacan.

Dont forget to watch the VIDEO showing the amazing performance of 14-year-old talented Filipina in X-factor Australia.

The funny video, which is about two minutes, initially showed a gay sitting on a chair. A song was then played off the background titled "Byahe Tayo," which promotes tourism around the Philippines. As the music continued to roll, a couple of gays appeared at the front door. They were showcasing a not so good view, a waist-high flood!

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Sunday, September 14 2014

13-y-old Balot Vendor Chris Del Rosario Sings "Sayang na Sayang" | Video of the Amazing Talent of Batangas

A 13-year-old balut (duck egg) boy identified as Chris Del Rosario became a new Youtube sensation after a video showing him singing "Sayang na Sayang" went viral on Facebook and other social networking sites.

Chris del Rosario caught the attention of a netizen, later identified as Teofilo DaƱo De Sagun, when he was singing the hit song of Aegis titled "Sayang na Sayang". Teofilo immediately recorded a video of him while the kid gamely sang the song at a certain street in Batangas. In an interview, the netizen mentioned that he thought of the successful singer Lyca Gairanod, who won the first ever TheVoiceKidsPhilippines, that's why he decided to upload the video and hoped for someone to recognize the boy's unparalleled talent.


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Friday, August 29 2014

Video: Man's Marriage Proposal at Vigan's Dancing Fountain, Ilocos Sur

A gentleman proposed to his lovely girlfriend at the dancing fountains in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur last Thursday, the GMA news reports.

Saki Mirabueno traveled from Manila to Vigan, Ilocos sur to spend quality time with his girlfriend Gia Tambis. One evening, the couple reportedly toured at the dancing fountains of Vigan City, where Saki made a lifetime surprise to his girlfriend. When Saki and Gia reached the upper view deck, the electronically-controlled foutains were activated. While arrays of display were seen from the dancing fountains, an instrumental music was played by a group of musician. Saki knelt on one knee and took the hands of his girlfriend. He then made the marriage proposal to Gia.


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Jade Hipe Receives Negative Criticisms from Netizens | Through The Fire Viral Video

Jade Hipe's video titled "Pinay Videoke Talent" showing her singing the hit song of Chaka Khan "Through The Fire" is making waves in social media. However, instead of getting positive feedback, the 21-year-old singer from Mawab, Compostela Valley Province earned multiple negative comments from netizens.


Photo:Official Facebook account of Jade Hipe

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