Angels pushing the car to get it fixed

Before I knew it, two of them were pushing my car from behind as I steered with the engine off and the car set to neutral, and the others blocked incoming traffic as we made our way left, crossing the intersection.

I dashed inside 7-Eleven and got a 6-liter water bottle. They were all still there as I got back, and they put the water in and waited with me for the engine to cool a bit.

Angels With No Wings Made Mercado Feel Secured

While all this was happening, they all talked to me. Somehow, I felt at ease. I felt safe. And I felt that they weren’t doing all this just so they could extort me. Their smiles were genuine, without the scheming glint I feared I’d see.

When all 6 liters had gone in(!), they had me start the car. And boy did it start! [I called Motolite to say that all was well already.]

I gushed with gratitude. They all began to merrily hop on their bikes and call it a day, but I couldn’t resist giving them a nominal amount for their trouble. After all, helping me out wasn’t exactly their job, but they went out of their way—literally stopping traffic in the process—to help me.

They all refused the money! Not once, not twice, but thrice! But I insisted because it felt right to me. I know that it’s not something that they should expect—which they didn’t—but I felt that they deserved a small token of appreciation for doing something they were under no obligation to do.

I also requested for their names, and they laughed as I asked to take their picture. “Ilalagay ko sa Facebook!” I told them.

So here they are: Messrs. Bobby Caindoy, Juan Pagulayan, Alden Pisebre, and Rodelito Tibus.

These are the men who chose to help me with no thought of reward. These are the men who made me feel safe throughout the entire thing, dispelling all my unfounded fears. [They are also men who thought that I was still a student, bless them!]

I thanked them again profusely after the impromptu photoshoot, and I watched as they got on their bikes and sped away, disappearing into the night whence they came.

The grateful driver shared the inspiring story on Facebook with a motivational message:

I guess not all angels have wings. Some of them have uniforms. And bikes!

Truly a very inspiring experience that's worth a thousand shares and likes! Well done MMDA officers. It's nice to hear that men like you still exists to provide unconditional help in the name of public service!

To JP Mercado, thank you sir for giving time in detailing this heart-touching story.