Chinese Billionaire Spends Wealth in a Way that will Surely Shock You

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Many people easily judge this kid because of his weird appearance but little did they know, he is the heir of China's richest real estate investor who passed away leaving all the wealth to his very own hands. Now, what makes him famous on social media? Is it because of his money or something else?

This Chinese boy is so popular on social media primarily because of how he spends the wealth he inherited from his late father.


Reports from various websites cited his addiction to expensive automobiles. Some news blogs mentioned that he bought majority of his luxury vehicles from European car builders. More importantly, the most interesting story of his life is the way he spends his inherited wealth to buy dozens of sexy, hot and pretty girlfriends. The boy, identified as Chen Shan, can easily attract pretty women despite the strange health disorder that he's been experiencing since childhood. 

Literally, he proves that money can buy anything in this world including love and happiness. Some of you might consider this story as hoax but the videos below are some important pieces of evidence to prove that he has a lot of beautiful girlfriends.

Though this wealthy kid can easily have tons of women to provide him the joy on bed, his wealth can't be of any help when it comes to the cure of his health condition. Chen is suffering a rare disease affecting his physical appearance. Due to major complex conditions such as jaundice or the yellowish pigmentation of the skin, developmental health disorders, anemia and enlargement of his liver and spleen, medical practitioners are unable to conduct a surgery since it could risk his life.

This Chinese Billionaire continues to enjoy life by experiencing all the sexual pleasure he could get from the pretty women he can buy everyday. He has all the money in the world, but at the end of the day, he can't really have everything in the world.




Posted by on 28 Feb 2016

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