Super Pretty Badjao Girl Spotted in Davao City

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Davao City, Philippines - Another indigenous Badjao girl whose beauty could instantly catch your attention was spotted by netizens along the busy street of Tibungco. The pretty Badjao girl from Mindanao was seen sitting in front of the 7/11 convenient store together with some other people who could be part of her tribe.

Many people were initially raising questions if the beautiful girl really belongs to the Badjao community. Her beauty is comparable to those models on TV. A lot of netizens also commented that she bears resemblance of some local celebrities. According to one comment, her father could have been a British national.

The uploader of the photo later on provided a selfie video proving that the girl is truly part of the Badjao community. beautiful-badjao-tibungco-davao

Photo: Courtesy of Annierose Cordova

The original photo of the pretty Badjao girl in Tibungco was shared on Facebook last December 23. The girl received enormous praises from thousands of netizens who appreciated her natural Filipina beauty. As of writing, the name of the girl remains unknown.

This is not the first time that a beautiful Badjao girl earns attention in social media. Back in 2016, a 13-year-old Badjao teenager was captured in lens by a certain photographer during a festival in Lucban, Quezon province. She was later known as Rita Gaviola. She then turned into a successful model and her career further bloomed when she was pushed to join in the Miss Universe pageant. badjao-girl-rita-gaviola.jpg

Rita Gaviola

Another stunning Badjao girl was also seen in SM Novaliches and along different corners in Quezon city. The gorgeous girl, however, was never identified and has never been seen in the area after the photo was taken. beautiful-badjao-girl-novaliches

Finally, another pretty Badjao girl became famous in social media when she earned her master's degree. She used to dive for coins at the pier to earn a living but through her hardwork and perseverance, she earned a degree in college and became a licensed teacher. Her official Facebook account is Arlene Eje Alex. badjao-graduate-arlene-eje-alex

Arlene Eje Alex

Filipina beauty is everywhere. We won't be surprised if another girl from the streets will hit on Facebook and become a trending topic again in the coming days.

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