Random Act Of Kindness: Man In Cebu Shares Generator To Entire Village For FREE!

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Visayas, Philippines - A certain man from Cebu City earns praises and utmost respect from his fellow residents in a small village in Tisa where he become a modern hero by unconditionally sharing the generator he bought after the onslaught of typhoon Odette. His kindness has impacted a lot of lives in the area who are very dependent in their mobile phones to communicate with their relatives in a distant location.

Cities and various remote towns are totally out of electricity after the power lines posts were downed by the devastating typhoon. The power supply lines and major grid systems are not yet restored leaving thousands of people in a complete darkness at night. Thanks to a man who came up with an idea to put up a generator in his neighborhood to provide charging stations for mobile phones.

The man named Peking showed the modern "Bayanihan" which is a Filipino culture that has been tested through time. He bought a generator and invited the residents in their village to charge their phones and gadgets for free so they can contact their family and friends who are in other affected areas in Visayas.


Noel Benjamin Fernandez posted the random act of kindness of his brother Peking. The uploaded photos are captioned:

"Proud with my brother, Peking, for his own wonderful community service and acts of kindness. He bought his own generator set so our neighbors in Tisa can have the means to charge their phones and connect to their loved ones. All free of charge. Tinabangay lang jud ta ninyu!"

This random kindness has also inspired other people to do the same.

It is indeed true that not all heroes wear capes.

Aside from electrical power issues, Visayas is heavily lacking water supply. Though the local government units are trying to provide water using firetrucks, drinking water remains the biggest problem among the typhoon victims. In recent reports, less than 100 out of 544 power segments are fully restored.

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