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Wednesday, September 29 2021

Photo Gallery: Miss Universe Philippines 2021 National Costumes

The official 28 candidates of Miss Universe Philippines 2021 showcased national costumes carefully crafted by different designer. This year's beauty pagent has elevated to a different level as audience saw how the fine details of the national costumes being showcased by stunning contestants.

Here are the official photos of the 28 candidates of Miss Universe Philippines 2021 in their national costume.

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Wednesday, June 22 2016

International No Panty Day 2016, a Unique Celebration for All Women Around the World

The International 'No Panty Day' celebration is an annual event created for all women to give them 24 hours to hang their underwear at home and freely enjoy the day without having their panties on. This rare event happens every 22nd of June.

This could be a very strange occasion to conservative women in some parts of the world but for the vast broad-minded female population this is a very important holiday to celebrate. You might not agree to this form of festivity but we are hoping that you will not ruin the day that may be too interesting to other women who loves to drop and leave their panties at home.

Just so you know, there are so many versions of this weird celebration. Some considers #NoPantyDay as the day of staying home with no undergarments while others do it by flaunting their sexy asses who later go for a walk on the streets with tight jeans or leggings.


The anonymous group behind this yearly activity wants you to hang your panty and be happy with the comfort of having no underwear for 24 hours on June 22, 2016.

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Monday, February 15 2016

[Epic Fail] Marriage Proposal Rejection by a College Student of Our Lady of Fatima +Video

A marriage proposal was rejected by a college student of Our Lady of Fatima University for one main reason, her boyfriend is a smoker.

What would you feel if you will be rejected by the woman whom you love specially if the marriage proposal was done in public? Will you carry on or would you let go of your feelings? In this article, we will feature a 20-year-old man who proposed to a college student which ended in a very awful situation.


In the video, the guy was identified as Dave Santos. He is allegedly a "heavy smoker" who consumes at least three cigarette packs in a week. He executed his life-changing plan inside the campus of Our Lady of Fatima where he set up a very big surprise to his girlfriend.

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Sunday, February 7 2016

Daring Photo of Dawn Chang on FHM February 2016 Magazine Cover

Dawn Chang graces the cover of FHM magazine for its February 2016 issue. The daring cover photo of the former Pinoy Big Brother housemate has caught the attention of netizens specially those guys who are eager to grab a copy of the famous men's magazine.

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Monday, January 11 2016

Pia Wurtzbach's Impressive Voice, Sings Britney Spears Hit Song Live on Air

Pia Wurtzbach could be one of the most adorable guests of the radio program called Sway in the Morning where she impressively sang the hit song of Britney Spears. At the interview, which lasted for 20 minutes, the beautiful Miss Universe 2015 also shared tons of important information about the Philippines' eco-tourism, its culture and tradition, environment and a whole lot more.

The hosts of the radio show were really hooked up all throughout the conversation. At one point Wurtzbach pointed the top three interests of Filipinos which are basketball, boxing, and beauty pageant. That's when the spontaneous questions from the hosts started to popped out.


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Sunday, January 10 2016

Watch: Man Drives (Efficiently) While Texting - Video

Human isn't really designed to efficiently do multitasking at all times. There are some situations where you can simultaneously do and complete two separate tasks but we can't expect the consistency of the outcome compared to a person who focuses one particular action at a time. 


Screengrab: Youtube Video of Al Auacay

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Monday, December 21 2015

Watch the Winning Piece of Pia Wurtzbach at the Miss Universe 2015 Q&A portion

The winning piece of Pia Wurtzbach at the Miss Universe 2015 question and answer portion earns praises from the netizens all over the world. Aside from the well-structured answer, the confidence of Pia was very evident when she delivered her piece to the judges of the beauty contest.


A short video clip containing the full answer of Pia is making waves online. Wurtzbach only took around 24 seconds to provide her explanation as to "why should she be the next Miss Universe". With no delay, she articulated her stunning winning piece.

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2015 Miss Universe Crown is a Dream Come True for Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach successfully earned the coveted crown of Miss Universe during the controversial coronation night in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This precious 2015 pageant title is a dream come true for the humble Filipina who financially supports her family in the Philippines through on screen acting and modeling.


Photo courtesy of Miss Universe Facebook page

December 20, 2015 could be the most memorable moment of Pia Wurtzbach. This is the date when she fulfilled her dream and materialized her promise to win the crown of Miss Universe 2015. She became victorious after all the hardwork, perseverance, and dedication she alloted for the pageant. In the Miss Universe 2015 online survey which reached over 10 million votes, Pia Wurtzbach managed to be on top of the list.

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Sunday, December 20 2015

Watch Live Stream of Miss Universe 2015, Search Links Online

Are you one of those who wants to watch live steam videos of Miss Universe 2015 from Las Vegas? Some websites released the links online and you just have to use Google search engine to find one.

The most awaited pageant of 2015 will be aired live from The AXIS in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This year's Miss Universe contest will have a total of 80 beautiful and stunning contenders who are wishing to grab the most coveted crown.


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Friday, September 19 2014

An Open Letter to the Future Husband

Dear Future Mr.

Let me start by saying it is so nice to finally meet you! I know it took us a while to be together but I'm sure its because we both had to prepare ourselves for this moment. But nevertheless, I'm so eager to get to know you and more.

I want to know more what you love the most and what excites you. I want to know what you are passionate about, your favorite food, music you listen to and even your favorite series to watch. Moreover I want to know what ticks you off, your fetishes or what pushes you to the edge no matter how ugly that seems; and I want you to share these all with me. Because whether you like it or not, you will have to be well acquainted with mine and tolerate it as well. When we get married, we will marry both the good and bad side of each other, that's just how marriage works and we'll make it work, Honey. I do not know how exactly yet but I do know that I will do my best to make you happy and I have given it some thought on how I will do it.



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