In Photos: Elon Musk's Former Engineers Invented Stellar Pizza, Robot That Bakes Pizza Every 5 Minutes

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  • 3 Engineers who previously worked at SpaceX created a pizza-making robot machine called Stellar Pizza
  • The founders are former SpaceX engineers Benson Tsai, Brian Langone, and James Wahawisan
  • The machine can bake and produce pizza in 45 seconds will be operational in 2022
  • Stellar Pizza has a total of 23 employees who are all ex-SpaceX employees


A pizza robot restaurant is scheduled to open to the public next year in Los Angeles.

The autonomous pizza-making machine easily fits into the back of a truck. Anyone who owns this robot machine will take advantage of its mobility and can position it closer to the targeted consumers in just a matter of minutes. stellar-pizza-making-robot-machine

Stellar Pizza CEO and founder Benson Tsai spent five years at Elon's company who largely contributed to the design of advanced battery systems for SpaceX rockets & satellites finally completed the working prototype of his pizza-making robot. stellar-pizza-robot-makes-pie-every-45-seconds

This startup company is bound to succeed knowing that 23 ex-employees of SpaceX joined together to build this brilliant concept including SpaceX's former executive chef, Ted Cizma, who created the rocket company's Food Service program for staff. spacex-executive-chef-Ted-Cizma-stellar-pizza

Here's how the pizza is made using the Stellar Pizza machine.

A ball of homemade pizza dough is placed into the machine where it gets pressed and molded into a round shape. Once ready, the machine tops the pizza with sauce and other ingredients. Next, the raw pizza is inserted into one of four high-temperature ovens in the machine. elon-musk-former-engineers-make-stellar-pizza

The community in Los Angeles will be the first to experience and service of Stellar Pizza when it opens in spring next year. pizza-robot-machine-45-seconds-making

The pizza company also hired an expert in the food industry as pizza consultant, Noel Brohner, in an effort to make high-quality and affordable pizzas for its future customers.

In a separate report, Stellar Pizza offers pepperoni or supreme pizza. Aside from this option, customers can build their own desired pizza flavors with fresh toppings, including onions, bacon, chicken, and olives.

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