Luckily a legitimate Pasig police was close to the location who immediately intervened the commotion. According to the report of TopGearPH, the arrogant fake police went berserk at the Pasig City Police Station. He even dared to smoke inside the facility despite the request of the cops to stop.

In the conversation with the authorities, Arabia rudely responded to them.

"Wag mo akong hawakan, p*t*ng **a mo. Pulis din ako. Intayin mo mommy ko, gago."

Lawrence Michael Arabia is a resident in Maybunga, Pasig. He was detained by the police for further investigation. All fake documents from the cop were confiscated and will serve as their primary evidence.

On the other hand, CJ Navarra hasn't issued yet a plan to pursue in filing formal charges against the fake police in Pasig.