Filipino Earns Around 1 Million Per Month In Selling Isaw, Betamax, & Adidas In New York City

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New York City, USA - A certain Overseas Filipino Worker(OFW) hits the streets in The Big Apple selling grilled Isaw, betamax, adidas, and "tenga ng baboy". Robin John Calalo owns a small food stall in the busiest city in the world also sells "chicharon bulaklak", hotdog on sticks, chicken, including cups of rice to complete the famous cravings of most Pinoy abroad and foreigners who are curious to try his best flavoured street foods. He is reportedly earning more than P800,000 thousand per month.

Robin John Calalo a.k.a "Boy Isaw" initially launched his street food business in 2019. He started with a very small capital investment. In an interview Robin said, "I decided to buy from market with $50 then I cooked. I prepared a lot then I sold it. The first one who bought from me are friends and family." filipino-boy-isaw-sells-betamax-chicken-adidas-earns-800-thousand-pesos

A few days later, the Filipino street favorites attracted more customers and expanded the variety of choices. What is more surprising to him is the fact that a lot of foreigners are also buying his food items especially the Isaw on sticks.

Robin is a full-time fitness instructor in the United States but in 2019 he ventured in street food items when he got himself craving for some Filipino street foods while he was in a night food market in New York City.

He sells adidas, betamax, isaw, hotdog among other food items for $3.50 (equivalent to P175.00 in Philippine peso). A cup of rice is worth $2 dollars or P100.00. During the pandemic, his food cart business further gained traction to foreigners from different countries working in New York City and made all time high revenue despite the economic challenges in this period.

Robin John Calalo's business which started at $50 dollars(P2,500) is now raking P200,000 of profit per week or P800,000 per month.

Boy Isaw's concept in selling street foods didn't boom because of any fancy marketing strategy but it's a result of pure hardwork and grit.

This isn't the first time Filipino food became a star in this federal state. Back in June 2021, dirty ice cream or sorbetes was sold at Times Square in celebration of Philippines' Independence Day.

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