Angel Locsin earned thousands of bashers and body shamers when she gained weight last year. Her photos were circulated online and those paparazzi were closely  monitoring her private trips just to the latest figure of the celebrity. Here's one of the pictures which is still being circulated in social media.
Despite the negative comments, Angel Locsin simply focused in her plan of regaining her previous body shape by taking a very strict 800-diet calorie plan. The result of her determination resulted to a renewed sexy and fit body of the actress.
Angel Locsin posted the following photos in her Instagram account including other official social media platforms to share the outcome of her efforts to be back in full shape.

These photos were captioned, 'REMEMBER TO LOVE EVERY INCH OF YOU'.


Congratulations, Angel Locsin for such an amazing result. This is really an inspiring story to share to other people who are also trying to be healthy and in good shape.
What could have been the reactions of those haters after seeing these photos of Angel Locsin? ;)