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Sunday, June 26 2016

Colorful Houses in Benguet: Huge Masterpiece to Draw More Tourists and Travelers

Houses located on the hillside of Benguet will soon become another tourist attraction in the province after the Department of Tourism transformed the place into a colorful mural.

La Trinidad, Benguet previously had a negative image in welcoming tourists because of the color dead houses situated on the hills which is the primary route of the travelers when they tour the province. The recent transformation, however, could entirely change the perspective of the visitors of the town.

Gloria Agasen, project coordinator, together with the Tam-awan Village artists will complete the mural in the coming weeks. Agasen said this idea could potentially "promote more sustainable tourism in the region".

This month, the team completed the painting of over 18,000 square meters or 150 houses which will have huge sunflower designs in it once everything is done.

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Sunday, June 12 2016

Facebook Insults Philippine Independence Day Celebration

Did Facebook INSULT Filipinos thru its greeting about Philippine Independence day?

Facebook is known for keeping its beloved users fully aware on important national holidays. The company has a certain feature that enables to blast a message to announce and greet its active users depending on its geographical location.

The intelligent design of the famous company had an epic fail today when it sent a wrong message to Filipino netizens who are commemorating their National Independence. A certain blog post described the failure of Facebook.

Though the mistake of Facebook wasn't really that critical to some people, thousands of Filipinos are still concerned on the graphical presentation of the national emblem of the country. The flag was inverted which could denote a very negative meaning to Filipino nationals.

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Thursday, July 17 2014

Rak of Aegis RERUN Opens Until August 31, 2014 | PETA 46th Theatre Season

RAK OF AEGIS was sponsored by the Philippine Educational Theatre Arts. The show covered the OPM hit songs of the band, "Aegis" and was initially launched last January 31, 2014. Due to its huge success they will continue to run the show until August 31st. “RAK OF AEGIS RERUN” was scheduled to have 67 shows at the PETA Theatre Center and almost 30,000 audiences are expected to gaggle and witness this monumental music extravaganza.


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Wednesday, January 8 2014

'Feast of the Black Nazarene'?, any Biblical basis?

No classes in Manila, January 9, for the Feast of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo. This will mean another day of rest for majority of Manila employees, teachers and students. While it sounds to be good, I can’t contain the feeling of being annoyed after watching the news that as early as yesterday, Quiapo Church up to Quirino Grandstand in Luneta already has packed of devotees camped outside, ready to vigil in order to get a sure chance to thank, kiss and pray to their patron saint “the black nazarene” on its feast day tomorrow. Some even brought replicas of “the black nazarene”. This event really saddens me. Seriously, I don’t want to pick fights in this post but I just want to be honest and blunt enough to share something that some of us can ponder.


I graduated elementary and high school from a Catholic School. Back then, I have tried questioning some of the beliefs and traditions that devoted Catholics do practice, like having different images where devotees would caress, wipe, kiss and bow down to their patron saint/s. They would pray and thank their patron saint/s for the answered prayers. They would sweat it out just to show their sincerest devotion to it. Worst, they would even call these images as “God” himself. As a Christian, It challenged me to understand that these are all unbiblical beliefs, teachings and traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation.

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Monday, December 30 2013

VUVUZELA: A Safer Tool to Welcome New Year in a Loud Fashion!

VUVUZELA: A Safer Tool to Welcome New Year in a Loud Fashion!

Lighting firecrackers during New Year to celebrate the said occasion with a bang often poses great danger. Sometimes, they use deafening firecrackers just for the sole purpose of being boisterous because they believe that this will bring them good luck for the coming year.


Occasionally, believing won’t do us any harm. But this time, just a simple mistake or manufacturing defect might cause you to end up with a blown up hand or a missing finger, or worse, it can be a hostile way to welcome death instead of new year.

The government has been proposing to use alternative earsplitting tools which produces loud noises like “torotot”, “kaldero”, or just play loud music through your audio components. But new year celebrants seemed to be unsatisfied with the noise that these things produce so they still resort to lighting up fireworks to create an explosive noise.

But I have a good suggestion and a good alternative to firecrackers. Hopefully it would satisfy these people.

Let me introduce to you the VUVUZELA?

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Saturday, December 28 2013

Traits, Characters, and Attributes that make Filipinas Beautiful

Traits, Characters, and Attributes that make Filipinas Beautiful

1.) The natural dark brown to black hair Filipinas have, it’s beautiful. Their hair is their crowning glory and they look good with whatever they do with it.

2.) Sun-kissed skin is effortless. While some have to go out and bathe themselves under the sun to get the perfect sun-kissed skin, Filipinas got it going on. And haven’t you noticed that they look good whether their skin is porcelain or tan? Still, the natural sun-kissed skin tone is perfection.


3.) Expressive eyes. Filipinas have the most expressive eyes you can find anywhere. You can tell if they’re mad, sad, and even when they’re lying. A Filipina could bat her eyes at you and you’re trapped!

4.) Sense of humor. Filipinas just have this natural sense of humor in them. Whether they’re trying to be funny or not, they can make you laugh uncontrollably. Mostly because they can be awkward and it’s just so much fun to be around them.

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Saturday, December 21 2013

Five DOs and DON'Ts on Christmas Eve

5 Things I WILL do on Christmas Eve
1.) Go to Church
It’s Jesus’ birthday isn’t it? It’s only fitting that I visit His house first and greet him a happy birthday! It’s not even for the sake of meeting other people. It’s to remember the essence of why we’re actually celebrating this holiday in the first place.

2.) Eat!
This is no time for diet! Worry about your weight some other time. Eat that night and be merry. Stuff your face with that chocolate fountain, dig in those chickens, have your fill with the pasta and make the most of the celebration. I overheard people the other day saying they wouldn't eat on Christmas Eve because there are other people starving (Probably referring to the victims of Yolanda). Look, they won’t feel any better just because YOU’RE starving yourself that night. You don’t have to feel guilty. I bet you've given your share of help to them anyway. I’m pretty sure they’re all eating, enjoying with their families and are filled with hope in their hearts. That’s what Filipinos are capable of; to still be able to celebrate Christmas no matter what went on with the year.

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Wednesday, December 18 2013

Use Toilet Paper or Wash “IT” with your bare hands?

Use Toilet Paper or Wash “IT” with your bare hands?

Do you still remember the man who used water instead of a toilet paper and then got discharged because of this "un-Australian" toilet habits? Years passed but the topic about proper sanitation like this and personal choice of toilet hygiene is still debatable.


In 2009, a report from Townsville bulletin identified the man as Amador Bernabe, 43, a machine operator in Townsville on a working visa from the Philippines. Bernabe claimed that his foreman followed him into the bathroom questioning his toilet hygiene.

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Thursday, December 12 2013

Les Miserables | Doubts if God Answers Prayers

Les Miserables | Doubts if God Answers Prayers

The title may be misleading and thought of as the song from Les Miserables but, Les Miserables has nothing to do with this article. And if you're some sort of non-believer, you can read through but I don't want debate. I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe. No arguments please.

doubting-prayers-to-god Photo: Courtesy of

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Wednesday, December 4 2013

Cancel Christmas Parties to help Yolanda Victims?

Yuletide season is just around the corner !


Just a few days away and it's gonna be Christmas day! For sure everybody is looking forward for extravagant parties, tons of gifts, food fests, and family reunions. Who won't get excited with these luxurious events?

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