60-year-old Woman Cries Out Loud After Being Separated From Her Two Friendly Dogs

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Manila, Philippines - A 60-year-old woman is currently trending on Facebook after dog rescue units took two pets from her custody. She's been crying from the very moment dog personnel took over the friendly animal. The dog-lover vagrant is looking forward to see her friends again.

Dogs are man's best friend and they really are. During the course of the human history, dogs have been proven to be human's extended family member. Just like this 60-year-old grandma popular known as Nanay Ligaya in her community, she has formed a close relationship and a strong bond with her two Aspin dogs.

In the viral post which has been shared for over 424K+, Nanay Ligaya named her dogs Brownie and Blackie. It has been reported that she took care of the pets after she found the dogs roaming in the park with no owners attending them. She fed the dogs immediately after she noticed that both of them were extremely hungry.

In a separate interview, Nanay Ligaya claimed that Brownie and Blackie are considered as her family. She also narrated that these two lovely dogs are the ones next to her at night while she hugs them at sleep.

Nanay Ligaya admitted that she has no family nor relatives in the area and the dogs are the only ones that makes her happy during the loneliest moments of her life. She also said that she could not do anything when the dog rescue units arrived in the area. She could only afford to cry while wishing for one final touch and tight hugs to Brownie and Blackie.

Her heartwarming story and love for her two dogs caught the attention of journalist Jessica Soho who might help her to see her dogs for one last time.



“Dito ko sila sa Plaza nakita sina Brownie at Blackie. 

Nanginginig ‘yung mga aso kaya pinakain ko sila. 

Simula nu’n, lagi na kaming magkakasama. 

Sa gabi, kayakap ko silang matulog. 

Pamilya ko na kung ituring ang mga aso ko.

Wala na kasi akong ibang kasama… sila na lang.

Kaso, kinuha sila. 

Wala naman akong magawa, umiyak na lang ako. 

Naaawa kasi ako sa aking mga aso. 

Gusto ko silang yakapin. Mahal na mahal ko kasi sila eh.

Gusto ko nang makita ang aking mga aso.”

-Nanay Ligaya "

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