Watch: Man Drives (Efficiently) While Texting - Video

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Human isn't really designed to efficiently do multitasking at all times. There are some situations where you can simultaneously do and complete two separate tasks but we can't expect the consistency of the outcome compared to a person who focuses one particular action at a time. 


Screengrab: Youtube Video of Al Auacay

One of the most common warnings we've seen on TV ads is "don't text while driving". This advice is due to many highway accidents that were caused by drivers who were using their phones while driving their cars.

However, in the video below, it shows a man confidently driving a car while texting on his smartphone. The way I see it, the driver looks comfortable with what he's doing. I don't want to further elaborate the content of the video clip, just watch it and share us your thoughts.

There are countries that have banned the use of a cell phone when driving and it includes Philippines. Unfortunately, in this 3rd world country the implementation of laws remain a big challenge. 




Posted by on 10 Jan 2016

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