International Company Gave 20K Cash Assistance To Its Employees Hit By Typhoon Odette In Cebu

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  • Optum Global Advantage, Philippines truly lives with its core value, "compassion" to employees thru cash assistance
  • P20,000 aide provided to each personnel in Cebu
  • The amount is outside the loan program of the company and it's totally an added cash on the employee's paycheck

Cebu, Philippines -- One international company stood out among the rest when its leaders announced the immediate release of their fund to aid their employees based in Cebu who were severely impacted by typhoon Odette. The disbursement of funds from the company's Disaster Assistance Program only took less than 3 days and the amount was credited directly to the employee's payroll account.

The prestigious international company, Optum Global Advantage (OGA) - a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group Incorporated, immediately decided to provide financial assistance to hundreds of their employees in Cebu. The leaders of Optum jointly made the effort the very moment that they heard the devastating effect of typhoon Odette. Many house rooftops of its employees were ripped off when the typhoon slammed the areas in Visayas.

One of Optum's employees, Jaya Asino, proudly shared the news and highly appreciated the cash assistance from her employer. She overwhelmingly listed the positive experience and the benefits she has been receiving from the company which she considers the extension of her family.

Known for prioritizing the welfare of its employees, Optum Philippines credited P20,000.00 directly to the payroll account of each employees at a very timely manner. It only took less than 3 days for the company to process the cash aide. Something that other big companies are yet to execute. optum-calyx-cebu-20k-cash-asstance-program

Jaya also noted about her experience in the company with friendly colleagues, toxic-free workplace, and leaders who constantly inspire the organization despite the overwhelming challenges due to the pandemic. She is truly grateful of being one of the recipients of Optum's cash assistance program.

Here's the full Facebook post of Jaya Asino tagging along her friends and officemates.

Please allow me to have a momentum of appreciation to our company who never leave us behind. And the award goes tooooo...

Posted by Jaya Asino on Monday, December 20, 2021

Optum Global Advantage formerly known as OGS is located at Calyx Center, Cebu IT Park, Apas, 6000 Cebu City.

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