Babaeng May Mabuting Kalooban Hinahangaan Ng Mga Sundalo Sa Jollibee Borongan Eastern Samar

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Eastern Samar, Philippines - A beautiful lady from Borongan City was standing at the Jollibee payment lane when she noticed the Philippine soldier next to her. Without any hesitation she decided to initiate a conversation which totally surprised the snappy military personnel. But it's not what you think!

On December 23, 2021, 5:30p.m., a group of military units made a stopover at the famous Jollibee branch in Borongan, Eastern Samar. The militia men gently went inside the establishment to place their orders. While in queue, a charming pretty lady who just finished placing her Jollibee order turned to one of the soldiers and started a small talk. Her words were full of kindness and care to the Philippine army. As the conversation went on, the beautiful lady slowly took her wallet out from her pocket and offered to buy food for the entire team.

The gentlemen were totally surprised with the kindness of the lady. One of the soldiers recalled the lady saying,"Sirs, here's a thousand bucks so your team can buy more food items. I know all of you are so tired and hungry."

All eyes of the customers inside the food establishment suddenly turned to them which also made the soldiers feel a little bit awkward to respond the kindness of the pretty lady. kind-lady-from-samar-offers-jollibee-foods-to-soldiers

The lady from Borongan city whose act of kindness went viral on Facebook. As of writing, the identity of the woman remains unknown. - Photo credit: NAVZ TV

One of the soldiers replied back to the woman and respectfully turned down the offer. They also encouraged the lady to give the money to those people who are really in need of assistance. The soldiers showed honest appreciation of the woman's kindness . They also assured that their group has enough budget since they just received their bonus pay check.

The military men also wished that the woman will receive more blessing and will continue her good deeds to other people in the community.

This random kindness of the lady from Borongan City, Eastern Samar is currently raking thousands of praises and appreciation on social media. Her photo continues to circulate online as more people are being inspired with her kindness to the Philippine soldiers.

Also, in the uploaded photo is Borongan shift manager Ramil Cabi-oc who professionally runs the store with highest customer service possible.

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