Perfect All About That Bass Cover by Three College Students from Kidapawan City +Video

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Perfect "All About That Bass" Cover by Three College Students from Kidapawan City (plus Video)

Three college girls believed to be studying in separate Universities in Kidapawan city, Cotabato rendered a perfect cover of Meghan Trainor's hit song "All About That Bass". These talented ladies effortlessly sang the song while adding some addictive melody patterns though artistic blending of their voices.three-college-students-all-about-that-bass.jpg

These three young Filipina have fantastic vocals and pretty much obvious that they are really gifted in music. Series of chords contruction and adding varieties of harmony to come up with such amazing cover isn't an easy thing to do. However, these college students from Kidapawan city did an awesome work in putting all the right music notes together to perfectly match the range of their voices..

We've been searching for their identities on the internet but we failed to capture the information. When we did a search query in Youtube, the results were irrelevant and several channels are claiming that they joined Pilipinas Got Talent season 5. If you happen to know their exact names or maybe the information of their schools, please leave us a message via the comment section.

For the meantime, watch the video below and enjoy the pure talents of the three college Filipino students from Cotabato.

We want to hear your thoughts regarding their performance. Do you think that these college friends got what it takes to be the next Youtube sensation? There are speculations that a certain Facebook fanbase is trying to reach the famous American talk-variety show host to feature these Filipina students in The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As of writing, no one confirmed the rumor.




Posted by on 07 Feb 2016

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