Facebook Insults Philippine Independence Day Celebration

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Did Facebook INSULT Filipinos thru its greeting about Philippine Independence day?

Facebook is known for keeping its beloved users fully aware on important national holidays. The company has a certain feature that enables to blast a message to announce and greet its active users depending on its geographical location.

The intelligent design of the famous company had an epic fail today when it sent a wrong message to Filipino netizens who are commemorating their National Independence. A certain blog post described the failure of Facebook.

Though the mistake of Facebook wasn't really that critical to some people, thousands of Filipinos are still concerned on the graphical presentation of the national emblem of the country. The flag was inverted which could denote a very negative meaning to Filipino nationals.

The design of the Philippine flag is very unique compared to other nations. Philippines doesn't have a separate war flag but the same national symbol can serve its purpose. To indicate a "state of war", it is displayed with the red side on top as stated in Wikipedia.

Unfolding the history of the inverted Philippine flag

These are some of the important timelines as to when this set up was observed.

During the Philippine–American War from 1899 to 1901, the inverted orientation of the Philippine flag was used. Similar case happened during World War II and coup attempts during Corazon Aquino's presidency. 

In 2010, the Philippine flag was also hoisted in New York with the red color on top.

This could not be a huge concern to liberated citizens but Philippine patriots nowadays are starting to increase from the time that President-elect Rodrigo Duterte was seen kissing the national emblem during his nationwide campaigns.




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 12 Jun 2016

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