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Wednesday, September 22 2021

Look! Truly Hot And Sexy Angel Locsin Seen Via Instragram Post

Surprisingly the famous celebrity, Angel Locsin, who received several recognition from FHM magazine in the past years made a huge comeback of being fit and sexy just like before as she continues her weight-loss journey. The local actress has been off the showbiz industry to focus her private life while also trying to undergo health recovery.



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Tuesday, June 21 2016

[Video]Ella Cruz Performs the Viral Trumpets Dance Craze

Ella Cruz dubbed as Philippines' Teen Dance Princess recently released a video showing her own dance cover of the "Trumpets" dance craze. This could have been the result to the numerous requests of her supporters and followers on social media.

Ella Cruz accepted the Trumpets dance challenge and shared a video of her dance version on Sunday. Wearing a loose red shirt paired with black booty short shorts perfectly matched the sexy choreography conceptualized by her dance partner, Neri Benitez.

The 19-year-old Kapamilya actress made a surprise release of the video on Facebook which was praised and appreciated by thousands of netizens.

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Sunday, June 19 2016

Watch: ASAP Performance of Sarah Geronimo, Sings Don't Let Me Down

The production number of Sarah Geronimo on ASAP performing the hit song Don't Let Me Down earned positive feedback from the followers of the weekend variety show.

Sarah Geronimo, who is recently rumored to be pregnant, remarkably surprised the audience of ASAP last Sunday. Wearing a pair of black crop top and leggings, she walked out from the back stage and stunned the crowd when she started to belt out the popular hit of "The Chainsmokers".

Commenters on social media shared their words of appreciation on the emotional and intense opening number of the Popstar Princess. Sarah didn't fail her supporters up until the end of her performance.

In the video below, you will surely appreciate the versatility of Sarah Geronimo. Her dancing skills has elevated to the levels of known professional dance crews. Sarah as well maintained her stylish sexy outfit that suits to the production number.

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Mistress of Sunshine Dizon's Husband Lives in the Same Building

The lover of Sunshine Dizon's husband is reportedly living in the same building, according to news reports. The furious actress found out the secret of her husband after she discovered a greeting card that contains sweet messages from the said woman.

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Friday, June 17 2016

Bela Padilla Has a New Look, Short Hair Stuns Fans

An astonishing new look of the sexy actress Bela Padilla stuns her fans and her short hair makes her look more vibrant than ever.

No one has ever thought that the former "Ang Probinsyano" star would have a haircut shorter than what she originally had. It's nice to see her though that she even looks amazing with her new hairdo.

Padilla is currently off your televisions screen and she has no regular TV shows but the 25-year-old celebrity is still active in the industry. In fact, she is currently filming a certain movie together with young actresses Arci Munoz, Yassi Pressman, Andi Eigenmann and Kim Molina.

Despite the busy schedule and her required provincial tour to complete the filming of the movie, Bela was still able to free some of her time and took the chance to post recent pictures on her Instagram account showing her new hair cut. In a separate report, the photos circulating on the web were allegedly taken in a famous beach resort in Bantayan, Cebu.

In one of the pictures she uploaded on social media, netizens went crazy with her sexy curves and bootylicious poses. Check the photo below and tell us what you think about it.

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Sunday, June 12 2016

Jessy Mendiola's Skills in Pole Dancing Tested on TV

A not so ordinary role was portrayed by Jessy Mendiola testing her physical strengths and skills in pole dancing. The Kapamilya star earned praises after netizens watched the full episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya(MMK), the longest anthology TV series in the Philippines.

Jessy Mendiola was seen many times dancing on stage. She did sexy swag dance and also tried the viral "work" dance and some other vine-like videos showing her jessylicous dance moves. Many fans, however, were stunned when she did an amazing pole dance on one of the episodes of MMK.

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Thursday, February 25 2016

Jessy Mendiola Wears Darna Costume (Photo)

Jessy Mendiola uploaded a photo via her personal Instagram account wearing the costume of Darna, one of the most famous fictional characters and comics superheroine in the Philippines.


Sometime in January 2016, Jessy posted a picture on her social media account that recently caught the attention of the netizens. The viral photo was captioned;

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Monday, February 15 2016

Who is beautiful? Paloma or Yaya Dub?

Who deserves to be called beautiful, Paloma or Yaya Dub? This is a survey question on social media which aims to establish a good record whether Paloma, the transformed character of Coco Martin, is indeed far beautiful than Maine Mendoza.

The appealing effect of Coco Martin's female version became a hot topic on the internet after the transformation of his character in the primetime series "Ang Probinsyano" draws positive impact on his fans and even to the non-followers of the local celebrity. The artistic idea from the producer and other people behind the TV series turned into a huge success when they shifted the character of Cardo into a hypnotizing beautiful woman. As the program maintains its progressive TV ratings, Paloma look-alikes are also earning praises in various social media platforms including the cute "baby" Paloma.

It's undeniable that the female version of Coco Martin he portrayed in the TV hit series is becoming a household word to describe a beautiful woman. The trend has also changed in all aspects of the businesses in the Philippines especially on entertainment and modeling sectors. Majority of the makeup artists are surprised on the professional touch and makeup designs applied to Paloma. Some notable makeup artists mentioned that there are no sophisticated applications but the glamor of the outcome such us color balance and coverage are astonishing.

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Monday, January 4 2016

Here's a Happy Video of Kakai Bautista and Ahron Villena

Kakai Bautista is really blessed and has been getting attentions from good-looking guys. After ending her controversial relationship with Mario Maurer, she moved on and embraced the new chapter of her life with her rumored celebrity partner Ahron Villena.

Several videos showing a happy Kakai Bautista, after losing the Thai actor in her arms, is making the rounds on social media before the 2016 new year's eve. In an interview with Boy Abunda a few months ago, she willingly revealed some important clues about her new found lover. At some point, Kakai jokingly said that they are not yet living under one roof. However, in the recent viral video, she is seen with Ahron in a private room where the actor was performing a sexy dance at the background while Kakai was recording a video.


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Thursday, July 9 2015

VIRAL: Andrea Brillantes Sex Videos

Two copies of Andrea Brillantes sex videos reached the evil hands and were posted online. The 27-second video allegedly shows the private parts of the famous child star.


The sex video of the teenager has caused an online debate. Netizens on social media presented their arguments regarding their theories over the trending sex videos of Andrea Brillantes. Other netizens simply shared the trending topic on

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