A trending video of a local ice cream manufacturer titled "Selecta Save The Children Day - July 15 2014" revealed the true hero in us. The 91-second clip completely describes the heroes that we can see all over the place. These are some of the warm messages of Selecta Ice Cream.

It's true that a hero can fly just like him.


This is another kind of a real hero.



He is old but his role is significantly important to all of us. You might failed to notice their presence along the busy corners but this type of hero has existed for years.

Most of all, there's a certain hero who can do a lot of things simultaneously.


Here's the most important message of Selecta Ice Cream.

You don't need superpowers to be a hero. All you need is ice cream.

Everytime you buy a Selecta ice cream on July 15 2014, Selecta will donate 5 pesos to Save the Children. This will help give thousands of underprivileged children in the Philippines get an education they deserve.

As of writing, the company's ad campaign video earned a total of 2,420,195 hits in Youtube.

Remarks: This is not a paid post. Selecta Ice Cream and DH.com didn't sign any arrangement regarding this post. We simply decided to share this to inspire people to a be a hero, one way or another.