Right then and there, we knew we had to do something, and that something has to be swift. Cancer is not a disease taken lightly, it is hefty emotionally, physically and financially. So as we were brainstorming for plans on how to raise funds for the upcoming series of treatments; a good friend suggested that we come up with music show and seek help from people in the music industry. It was a luck of draw when my brother, who is a musician himself, messaged his fellow musicians. Within the same hour, they did not fail us as they all said yes to helping us.It was also as if the starts aligned and suddenly they are able to fit us into their busy schedules. On the same day, the venue for the show was finalized with the help of Wowee Posadas from 19 East And we It was such a blessing.

The show was kicked off by Mic Llave on vocals/lead guitar and his band Hartzell Poligrates (bass guitar), Eric Pamintuan (drums), Jing Cachola (guitar) and Jesser Sison (keyboards). It was then followed by a heartfelt performance by Juris and her band Mic Llave (guitar), Oja Jimenez (keyboards) and John Angeles (drums). An over the moon acoustic performance by singer-songwriter Aiza Seguerra was next. Afterwards, Acoustic Princess, Princess Velasco went on stage. In between sets, the crowd were very much entertained and were laughing their hearts out as host Eri Neeman from Comedy Manila put on a small show with with stand-up comic act. Daddy's Home composed of Allan Mitchell Silonga, Doc Eric Dacanay, Ebet Silonga and Jerome Icatar performed next followed lastly by The South Border and it was the 90's all over again.

We have never organized an event before but with the help of friends and families, we were able to pull this one off. I got to admit it was not as easy as we thought it would be. But when we see the turnout of the show, it was worth it. Our goal was just to raise funds and make our Mama happy as these are the singers whom she likes personally; but it turned to be so much more. Seeing the support from the artists, band members, friends, colleagues, and most especially random people who just wanted to come and help. Words of encouragement from everyone was deeply appreciated. It was indeed a night of miracle.

Sitti Navarro and Alex Calleja was not able to join us as they were both under the weather but nevertheless we are still grateful for their support. :)

Photo credits: Gem Llave


Mama Aida with Juris, Princess Velaso and Aiza Seguerra (clockwise to right)


Mama Aida and husband George with host Eri Neeman (above); Mama Aida and Daddy's Home (below)


Mic Llave (above); The South Border (below)