Pinoy Renders own Version of 'Something to Say' by Harem Scarem

By: jayleen in Inspirational

Pinoy Renders own Version of "Something to Say"by Harem Scarem

Another viral video hits the social media featuring an OFW who flawlessly rendered his own version of "Something to Say" by Harem Scarem.

According to the introduction done by the amateur singer himself, the song is memorable to him since it inspired him and all of his friends. He further narrated the people behind him who continue to support him including the most important person in his life--his wife in the Philippines.

Reggie (the guitarist) made a stunning introduction of the song. He perfectly plucked the strings like a professional guitarist. Then came the golden voice of the OFW.


Watch the trending video below!

You might also want to watch the fantastic violin cover of the famous Filipino street performer in the United States.




Posted by on 26 Sep 2014

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