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Congratulations because you did it! You put a child through school and you did it with passion. Congratulations because you never failed to provide and show your support towards all my endeavors.
Congratulations because FINALLY we’re done with the first part of our journey through life!
Congratulations because you’re finally done with paying for my tuition! HAHA!

Also, thank you! I know this may be cliché and cheesy and typical but hey, I’m pretty sure you would never get tired of hearing thank you. You have to realize that by putting me through school, you became children yourselves. You were students once again. You were a part of our projects, you were in our school plays, you taught us what we needed to learn from parents, you were the doers of our difficult homework, the providers for our projects and so much more.
Thank you for studying with me.
Thank you for guiding me in this journey.
Thank you for being the responsible parents you are.
Thank you for being my inspiration to finish school.
Thank you for keeping God in my life through it all.
Thank GOD for you.

Sorry for so many things.
Sorry for the times I have raised my voice.
Sorry for the times I go home late.
Sorry for the misunderstandings.
Sorry for asking dad to drive my friends and I around so much.
Sorry for wasting some cash.
Sorry for ignoring you at times.
I won’t even find excuses anymore. I’ve wronged you and I’m sorry. It’s all part of the journey.

I love you both so much, more than anything else in this world. You may hear me share stories of my friends, professors, some boys and how much I like them but you have no idea how much I share stories about you to them and how much I LOVE you. I love you not because you put me through school, but because I. JUST. DO.
So there, Ma and Dad, to simplify it all …