21, Young and Mom | Wishing to be Whole Again for Him

By: Mikalalalo in Inspirational

Some say I am no longer a teenager and I should not think I’m young enough for a new kind of responsibility. I would not disagree, but at this early stage where my life is just about to begin I really don’t know where to put myself. I got pregnant without plans of having one but feeling a heartbeat inside of me is what I call a miracle.


When you get pregnant you’ll be in three trimesters and in my first I’ve been to the point where I denied and didn’t care at all. I didn't know what to expect when the pregnancy kit indicated a positive result until we decided to consult a medical expert.

Inside me was his heart and my heart just fell on the ground when I heard my partner saying, “I’m so excited”. However, I was also on top of my fear about what could be the reaction of my parents. I quit school and chose life outside the normal society, had a couple of tattoos, and joined networking than finishing school.

Charles and I were neither the perfect couple nor the sweetest. We didn't take our relationship with material things nor love surprising each other. We tried different things like extreme sports, traveling, drinking sessions, tattoo session, jamming, he played the guitar while we smoked dope, watched sunsets and gazed stars together. We enjoyed ourselves at the beach which we considered our comfort zone where fresh air, fishes, corals, wild space and Pale Pilsen (beer) were between the two of us.

I love him like I have learned to love myself and to be a family was part of my dream. It was hard for both of us to face such huge responsibility. He tried to work in preparation for my delivery but money was not an easy thing. Delivering a child was harder than I ever thought! I guess you’ll never know how painful it is until you’re in that moment. It was like a part of you was taken away but a better one had to come.

I did not succeed delivering my baby normally and I had to be cut so he could be out. Though I was out of my mind, somehow I heard his first cry and seeing him suddenly made me feel an unmeasurable happiness, great joy and contentment. But not until when Charles did not come home again. Suddenly he was out of our sight and the last thing I had was his letter.

I am torn and nowhere to be found. I am picking up the pieces of me to be whole again for my child. Wishing…(to be continued when the right time comes)




Mickaela R. TanBonLiong is the writer behind the article you read above. Has grown up fantasizing "sex and city" series or movie. I've been wanting to be a writer like Carrie Bradshaw. Writing, Clothes, Girlfriends, Good Places, and to be with someone I could sing and dance through (if you know what I mean) is what I call life. To be able to be an author of a book of what I can call my own is my dream. Writing for DiversityHuman feels like I am one step closer to it. :-)

Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 27 Nov 2014

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