DIVATUDE | Are Divas Born or Made?

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Are divas really born or made? Does it come with DNA or technology? At the age of six, I wonder what and how divas are made. Between Kim Kardashian and Michelle Obama who is more diva certified?


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We all have different concepts of being a diva, but with the fast pace life cycle how it is being defined changes like a blink of an eye. Now I'm 27, I've been through a lot of ups and downs in life. Name it, from headaches to heartaches. I realized being a diva is not about having a glamorous lifestyle, having a pretty face which makes paparazzi go insane, or having a famous beau. These current definitions of diva are so lame and so aesthetics. Being a diva for me is a total package. Oh yeah, I know its a bit general and easier said than done, right? But have you ever wonder how the word "DIVA" came up? What's more ironic is that the real definition of DIVA is way better that what you really think.

Here are the four important things that you should know about being a real DIVA.

D-iscard the negative, absorb the positive. There are three views of who we are--Ourselves, OTHERS, and our Almighty. See that the word OTHERS are all upper case. Admit it, how you define yourself is based on opinions, affirmations and criticisms of others. My stance opinions and criticisms are like butts - everyone has one. Who do you listen to? Others who can only see you through their naked eyes. Personal view which is masked by hurtful memories, pains and baggage. Our almighty that we always neglect and we put him last on the list. I say all, yes ALL. Listen to OTHERS, these OTHERS are the well examined friends and associates who will speak the truth to you in love. Never let yourself be persuaded by opinion of OTHERS, YOU should know yourself enough and make a sound judgement that holds true for a lifetime. The most liberating truth that will not change is, you can never control OTHERS, however, you can control yourself. Above all, the only way to eliminate stinkin thoughts is to find out what our Almighty thinks about you.

I-nside to Outside Approach. Nothing is sadder seeing a beautiful woman in the room destroying her gifted pretty face with the things that slip from her lips. Let me reiterate a known secret. You can have style, lovely face but if you do not have good sense then there is something wrong. Yes, I agree we have serums that promise a youthful glow, creams that remove imperfections and cosmetic surgery that defies age. But, sister these are just temporary fix. What makes a woman even more attractive and genuinely lovely is her wisdom, (You don’t need to have all the right information) Wisdom is the foundation of values, its how you apply it to your life. Wisdom is the epitome of knowledge, discretion, understanding and POWER. Choose wisdom, and be a woman with outstanding personality that will surely takes everyone’s breath away.

V-ictory vs victim. We were all victims in different aspects, and what is more painful, it hunts us forever. I was once a victim and yes I admit it has never been a piece of cake to transition from a victim to being victorious. Being a diva doesn't give you a ticket of exemption being a victim, a genuine diva will never let herself get succumb being a victim for life. Scars exist, for her these scars reminded how she succeeded in all struggles in life, and never ashamed of exposing it and let her stories be an inspiration to all.

A-cceptance. Why is it essential to embrace your unique beauty and never compare it to someone else, or alter it to match the standard? Because the world’s opinion and standard changes with the wind. Slim is out, voluptous is in. Breast is out, butt is in. We are all specially crafted creation of God. Embracing your own brand of inner beauty is the start of boosting your self esteem. A genuine DIVA celebrates herself as herself, her flaws, and imperfections. Following a standard beauty is like chameleon who constantly changes the color to match its surrounding. Does it help you stand out? Well, sister NO and NEVER. Instead, it makes you exactly like the rest. A DIVA is unique on her own and does not follow norms, instead she uses her own identity to excel in life.

A diva can't be done overnight, to achieve it takes years. Take one day at a time. Begin by looking the big picture of your life and the purpose of being a woman. Every woman is born to be a DIVA but it takes a lot of hardwork practicing the principles of DIVA-TUDE and be a genuine DIVA.




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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 31 Jul 2015

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