An Open Letter to Anyone Who Might Able to See This (Dreadful Typhoon Glenda)

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Open Letter to Typhoon Glenda

It’s drastic. It’s life-threatening. It’s extreme. I know you somehow or absolutely got scared and had tied up your tongue while you were looking outside of your window much threatened and saw how dreadful it was to become a tree, a plant, street animal, or an electric cable at that time.


During that time when you saw your father sing his favorite gospel songs, when your mother called you to just stay beside her, or when your sister and your brother strangely called your name saying “take care,” “come here,” or “let’s all be together right now,” there is nothing you could do but be thankful.

Throughout the time when Typhoon Glenda slammed your town, be thankful that despite of those frightening gesticulations of the winds and of the in-and-out rainfalls, you are still alive with your whole family at the moment. Typhoon Glenda made huge devastation but you should remember to be thankful despite those long sways of trees and wind gusts during her time. Be thankful because even though your home was destroyed a bit you are still alive and now you are in front of your desktop screens or holding your Android and Apple phones.

July 16, 2014 might not be as good as of those prior days of your life and definitely would not be the best but rather the worst. However, you should celebrate and rejoice because you are about to begin another chapter with your loved ones today.

Instead of ranting or lividly react on what happened, take a look first of those less fortunate who happened to lose their family members or their houses and stuff while you are more in safe mode. On the next days, where every danger is possible to take place, there are three things I want to say: Be ready, Get set, Go pray.

Open Letter to Typhoon Glenda




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Posted by on 17 Jul 2014

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