My Nochebuena Makes You Realize That You Are 1000x Wealthier Than I am...

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Majority of the Filipinos entirely took the 2016 Christmas celebration to the next level. The feast this year is way luxurious compared to the previous Christmas occasions. However, the way I celebrated Christmas at my home will make you realize that you are 1000 times richer than I am.

They said that call center employees like me are lavish when it comes to a number of festival in the Philippines. Aside from the norms that Filipinos are really exorbitant when it comes to eventful festivities, call center agents earned the impression that we are earning hundreds of thousands of pesos each month. Well, to some lucky ones, it's really true that they are raking 6-digit of salary grade in a month but analysts like me are earning way below that amount. Due to these facts, my 2016 Christmas celebration is very ordinary just like any other poor family out there in the streets of Metro Manila.

On December 24, 2016 at around 2p.m. I went to a mall for my yearly routine-to observe the sale price, promo trends, and other deals for Christmas. I didn't have any intention to buy anything since I only aim to take note of important observations for another blog that I am working on.

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I noticed that almost all of the people were carrying heavy loads of Christmas baskets while others are busy in choosing high-profile gadgets. I paused for a while and asked myself if I could at least buy a pack of goods so I can prepare it for my Nochebuena. After a couple of minutes of analyzing my financial situation, it's too obvious that I could not really spend much this holiday (the same decision that I had in the previous holidays).

Without taking so much time inside the largest mall in Mandaluyong city, I headed straight to a public market along Barangka drive. As I stared my wallet, while on my way to the wet market, I prepared the budget that I can afford to spend.

How much did I allocate for my 2016 Christmas celebration?

I took P100 from my wallet and I was hopeful that it would be enough. For those readers abroad, 100 pesos is 2.006 US dollars. With that small cash, I bought one half kilogram of mussel, chili pepper leaves, ginger, and onion leeks.

I went home and took a jeepney ride that costs 14.04 cents (P7.00). Inside the public utility vehicle, people were staring at me probably they were puzzled as to why I was only carrying a small pack compared to what they have. But I think there's so much more than that, they've seen me smiling all throughout the trip as if I was the happiest man in the world this Christmas.

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For those who are curious on my Nochebuena, I took a photo of what I prepared last night so you can compare it to yours. I bet, yours would be a thousand times better that mine. More importantly, your Nochebuena could indicate that you are 1000 times richer than I am.

Forgive me for my humble Christmas treat for myself. christmas-2016-nochebuena-celebration-photo.jpg

I would like to share the other meal I had at the eve of Christmas 2016. christmas-2016-noche-buena.jpg

To those people who don't know me in person, they might think that I am exaggerating the limits of truths in this post. But to those who really know much about my personality (only few people), they will realize the reason why I spend small amount for myself during Christmas. Also, in 2016, there had been major donations that our blog network has given to those who were in need this year.

Regardless on the form and how you celebrated the holiday, still we wish you all a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

System Admin


System Admin Administrator came from a very humble beginning. Born in the middle of the jungle. Raised by a very loving mother. Grew with a very hard working father. Experienced poverty at the lowest level.

Posted by on 25 Dec 2016

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