Colorful Houses in Benguet: Huge Masterpiece to Draw More Tourists and Travelers

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Houses located on the hillside of Benguet will soon become another tourist attraction in the province after the Department of Tourism transformed the place into a colorful mural.

La Trinidad, Benguet previously had a negative image in welcoming tourists because of the color dead houses situated on the hills which is the primary route of the travelers when they tour the province. The recent transformation, however, could entirely change the perspective of the visitors of the town.

Gloria Agasen, project coordinator, together with the Tam-awan Village artists will complete the mural in the coming weeks. Agasen said this idea could potentially "promote more sustainable tourism in the region".

This month, the team completed the painting of over 18,000 square meters or 150 houses which will have huge sunflower designs in it once everything is done.

With such colorful houses, residents in Benguet are positive that they can expand their businesses if the mural attracts more tourists to visit the town in the coming months.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Benguet is also anticipating the abundance yield of Cherry blossoms, or popularly known as "sakura" in Japan. In 2014, a group of Japanese planted cherry trees in the province as a sign of good relationship between Kochi Prefecture and the province of Benguet.

So, there are so many things now to expect when you take a tour to La Trinidad. Aside from the famous strawberry fields, this gigantic mural in Benguet is really a nice greeting to all travelers.

The answer is, NO. This was only patterned to the long-time project in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which was started nearly 10 years ago. The Brazilian art is called Favela Painting. Wikipedia describes it as "a series of community artwork in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil painted by Dutch artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn with the help of local people".

Here's the mountains of houses in Rio de Janeiro which were colorfully painted with various designs.





Posted by on 26 Jun 2016

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