The vuvuzela, also known as "lepatata," is a plastic blowing horn approximately 1 m long that emits a loud drone that sounds like a huge hum of mad bees. They are most commonly linked with South African football fans, but have been present in Mexican stadiums since the 1970s. In domestic and international matches, hundreds of these horns are brought to grounds by fans who then proceed to blow them throughout matches, creating a cacophony of sound that rarely ceases. Some adore them, some find them forcefully annoying.

Broadcasters from other countries certainly found themselves to be annoyed during the recent Confederations Cup in South Africa. Some complained to FIF that the raucous noise is interfering with their broadcasts. While others claimed that the vuvuzela enhances the atmosphere during matches. However, it needs to be blown in the correct way and not the chaotic fashion, which is sometimes heard in the Confederations Cup.

We can use Vuvuzela this New Year's eve instead of dangerous firecrackers. In that way, we can have a prosperous New Year celebration without having any firework related casualties.