Preparations of corporate parties probably started a few weeks ago, including reservations for party venues , presents for the annual “exchange gifts”, and Christmas decors are expected to have been displayed by now. However, with the tragic calamity in central Visayas, a rising number of companies have been canceling their profligate parties and they chose to hold a frugal and plain yuletide celebrations instead.

Foreign companies like Lufthansa Group, Boehringer Ingelheim, a leading German pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, DB Schenker and DHL and other logistic companies, and global enterprise software giant’s subsidiary - SAP Philippines are some of the concrete examples of companies who made a difference. They extended their assistance to the super typhoon victims by offering more donations out of the funds which are supposed to be used for their Christmas celebrations.

Metro Manila Development Authority or MMDA is also planning to do the same effort and they are encouraging other government agencies to follow their initiative.

For me, there’s nothing wrong in celebrating the yuletide season. The holiday only happens once in a year, so enjoy & have some parties, and exchange presents with each other. But also remain sympathetically aware about what happened to our countrymen. Continue sharing your blessings to them this Christmas. After all, this season is all about giving and reminiscing the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.

Don’t be shy in celebrating Christmas--just don't forget to lend a hand!

Merry Christmas everyone!