5.) All-natural. Most Filipinas I know just can’t stand the feeling of make-up. It’s not that they don’t wear make-up. A little powder and a tinted lip balm go a long way for them. Also, special occasions are an exemption. What makes them beautiful is that on normal days, they are already stunning but once they really go and dress up … WOW! GORGEOUS!

6.) Talent. There’s talent everywhere with Filipinas. If they can’t sing, they can dance. Music and art is in the Filipino blood. I don’t know a single Filipina with no special talent. They focus their time on exploring their skills and really make an effort to develop them.

7.) Book smart AND People smart. Okay, maybe not the best math wizards you can find but when it comes to critical thinking, they’re on the top of the game. Living in the Philippines requires you to be smart in any given situation. It’s all a battle of wits here.

8.) Adventurous. Filipinas love adventure and it’s just sexy. While some girls would want to stay at home, Filipinas are out there exploring. They can go wall climbing with you then later that night dress up for a fancy dinner.

There is so much beauty all over the world with all races; but of course I had to write this to the people closest to me. I’m not saying only Filipinas possess these traits but I’m saying that these are what we come to love about our Filipinas. Mabuhay!