RAK OF AEGIS RERUN is an original rock-comedy that celebrated the recovery from typhoon Ondoy. It's an excellent musical play created by Director Maribel Legarda and writer Liza Magtoto, who said that in creating a body of literature for the Philippines it is important to be original. Director Maribel Legarda also said that in whatever arts you do, performing or expressing, it won’t be a world class force if we do not have your own originality. This show got the plalylist of Aegis songs such as “Luha”, “Halik”, “sundot”, “ Christmas Bonus ”,“ Basang basa sa ulan”. Of course, it won’t be a success without the lung power of the actor and actresses led by Husband and wife Robert Seña and Isay Alvarez.

“I was not here during the 90’s but when I heard the songs of Aegis, I just knew that is was OPM!” the actor, Robert Seña said. On the other hand actress Isay Alvarez mentioned the arrangement of Myke Solomon makes the Aegis song more interesting though it's hard to sing.

All Filipinos can surely relate not only in the songs but also in the story because family matters to us especially living in a third world country. We all have been to hardships and struggles but in spite of that we still show how lucky we are to live through our viral smile.

Aicelle Santos plays the role of Ailene, who stands as the breadwinner of the family. She wants to be discovered by a talent scout to help out her family from poverty. Also, the show will not be a real success without the people behind the scenes. Mio Infante the feature set designer, Gio Gahol the choreographer, Jonjon Villareal the Lighting man, Carlo Pagunaling the costume designer, Maco Custodio the shoe designer and Joan Pamintuan the accessory designer.

Filipino artists will continue to demonstrate their creativity on stage. They are all calling you to watch “RAK OF AEGIS RERUN”. So what are you waiting for? Schedules and contact numbers are available at http://petatheater.com. Tickets are available until August 31st.