Amador Bernabe said his employer, Townsville Engineering Industries (TEI), sacked him for not going to the toilet the Australian way.

The Australian foreman allegedly confronted him right after he took a bottle of water and he followed him into the toilet despite his protest.

"You can't bring the water in there'," the foreman said. And I replied, "It's my personal hygiene. I didn't break any law, I didn't break any rules of the company, why can't I do this?" The foreman then said he would report Bernabe to the manager.

The next day, Amador was called into the manager's office.

"He asked me what had happened and I explained to him and he said if I didn't follow the Australian way I would be immediately terminated and I said 'sir, then you better terminate me'," Bernabe narrated.

The move angered union bosses and politicians on the Australia Day weekend. Australian Manufacturing Worker's Union state organiser Rick Finch said the incident was shocking.

"I think it is atrocious, an invasion of a person's rights and cultural beliefs," Finch said.

If it wasn't so disgusting it would almost be laughable. Greens spokeswoman Jenny Stirling praised Bernabe for standing up for his rights.

"I commend the man for standing up for himself and I encourage the employer to have further talks with the union and the employee and I am sure common sense will prevail," she said.

"I would like to see how Australians feel when they go to Europe where in places they don't have toilet paper."

I think this is an odd thing to talk about, some things are considered wrong or unethical in some places. But if you go to another place, it is now treated as customary and acceptable.

When Filipinos do their business in the toilet, they opt to wash the soiled area with water, then soap, then rinse with water, then wash their hands with water then soap and rinse with water again. Filipinos see the practice of just using toilet paper (no water, no soap) as unhygienic. For people who can afford tissue paper, they use it to dry themselves though.

In some countries, they consider using toilet paper in washing "IT" because they believe it will clean the area without messing your hands and making it smelly, while the truth is, the smell and stains still remain in their holes.

But the more important thing here is RESPECT, let the person do the things he used to do or where he is accustomed at and there will be no setbacks. It’s their own cushions that they’re cleaning anyway and not yours.