Full-Blown Rejection of a Public Marriage Proposal in India| Epic Fail Mall Marriage Proposal

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Public Marriage Proposal in India, Full Blown Rejection at the Mall


To all women out there, what would you feel if you hear a man saying these words to you in public?

I just have a very special message for a very special girl.
The first time we saw each other, I fell in love you with you.
And you had me at your first hello.
You're my sweetie pie, you're my cherry pie... (he should have named all the pies LOL :) )

{While the guy was doing his monologue, an electric mall train passed by with a message-- NOT SO SWEET. That was a little awkward.. but anyways.... the guy continued what he supposed to say to the lovely Indian girl}

You're my sugar, you're my everything...
I know you find this cheesy but I want everyone to know.. you really make me happy..
When you smile, the whole world stops and my heart freezes... and then there's nothing else I see except you...

Moments later, the guy had to do the most awaited part... then a terrible full-blown rejection occurred.

We are not really sure how their relationship bloomed but take time to watch the video. The two of them just met three months ago.

Witness the disastrous and epic fail marriage proposal of an Indian guy.

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System Admin

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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 23 Aug 2013

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