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Wednesday, August 20 2014

The Last Resort, Capital Punishment for Rapists (Death Penalty)

Mahatma Gandhi once said "Eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind." An influential spiritual leader and political activist who was a strong believer of non-violence approach on demanding for change. He was convinced that the power of peaceful methods can urge social changes. I used to believe that too until recently.

August 14, I woke to my social media news feeds on reports of a lifeless body of a 26-year-old young woman who was raped, killed and left floating in some rice field in Bulacan. Like most people who expressed their anguish towards this tragic event, I felt the same way but mostly; I was frightened. I am fearful for my own safety, for my sister's, for my girlfriends' and for all the women out there. How safe are we when we go out into the streets? Most especially, what is our government doing to keep us safe from this?

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Monday, January 6 2014

A Rational Response to Lourd de Veyra’s Close-Minded Open Letter to Vic and My Little Bossings

Brace yourself for a long but fruitful read! ;)

Have you read the sinister Open Letter to Vic Sotto and My Little Bossings made by the ever so heroic and dignified journalist slash TV celebrity slash musician named Lourd de Veyra? This man has a kind of oozing personality, a Mr. Know-it-all type of guy, and he is even probably the inspiration or model of the song “Nasa’yo na ang Lahat” by Daniel Padilla. Yes! Lourd de Veyra got it all. So the moment he speaks, you have no other choice but to believe in him. He’s as credible as the late President Nelson Mandela.


Lourd de Veyra’s open letter mocked the quality of Filipino movies, scorned gallantly and singled out the highest earning movie in the 39th MMFF, “My Litle Bossings” . The letter was supposed to be some form of an encouragement to the movie makers as well as the actors to produce more high-quality films but it ended up as an article dissing MMFF’s top earning movie. Did he place his bet on the wrong movie that’s why he’s so enraged when he found out that “My Little Bossings” did well in this year’s filmfest? I will include here some parts of the said open letter by de Veyra and I will try to make a corresponding short response.

To our readers, please take note. I am in no way a Vic Sotto fanatic neither do I hold grudges on Mr. Lourd de Veyra. I just want to voice out my own opinion the same way that he did. I find Filipino movies very predictable and corny to some extent so I am not here to act as their redeemer.

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Wednesday, January 1 2014

When it comes to security, Prevention is NOT the key

When it comes to security, Prevention is NOT the key

“MANILA, Philippines - After a ban on buying hammers, shoppers will now be told not to wear caps in malls to prevent robberies, a police official said yesterday.


“From now on, the wearing of caps would be banned in malls. Those wearing it would be advised to take it off and place or keep them inside their bags or in their pockets,” National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief Director Carmelo Valmoria said in an interview.

Mall owners will display signs against the wearing of caps at entrances while security guards will strictly enforce the ban in a polite manner, he added.” –

So basically, their reason for banning caps in the malls is because of the latest heist inside SM North Edsa jewelry section, where robbers used hammers bought at a hardware store to smash the glass panels. They were wearing caps could not be identified in the CCTV cameras.

So with all these rules created for the mall securities, they show us another typical move of being stricter after a certain unfortunate scenario. Now here come the “rants” …

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Sunday, December 29 2013

What I dislike about Pinoy mainstream movies and Films

What I dislike about Pinoy mainstream movies and Films

Now hold on a sec! Before you go on hating me saying “You don’t support local films, you’re hating on your own craft blab la blab la aasdfghjkl!!!” Oh save it!


The title says what I dislike about mainstream movies and films. So DUH! It’s basically negatives. Now if you don’t want to explore the two sides of the coin and you’re always on the positive side, then I suggest you stop reading.

I’m excluding the indie films; they’re a whole different topic. But at least indie films know variety. Now for mainstream, however, there’s too much consistency. What do I mean by this? Okay, here it goes.

Tell me if you haven’t seen or heard these plots or scenes a million times before.

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Tuesday, December 17 2013

Should the Government Pursue Manila Bay Reclamation Project?

Needs Grammar Check

The urge to continue the proposed 148-hectare Manila Goldcoast Reclamation Project along Manila bay, which is more known as the Manila Bay Reclamation Project is once again resurfacing amidst all the proponents and petitions eyeing to discard this plan. Environmentalists, artists and some politicians stood firm against this plan. One of the most active group that is opposing this move is SOS (Save our Sunset!) Manila Bay coalition. They even made a facebook page where facebook users which supports their advocacy may sign a petition.


There are also pro- Manila Bay Reclamation project page that was made in facebook like “Help Bring Back Manila’s Pride and Glory” but it has been galed with contemptuous comments and questions from netizens. A petition site at titled “SOS Manila Bay: Save our Sunset, No To Reclamation” says that “in addition to blocking the view of the sunset from Malate and Ermita, the reclamation will worsen floods, extinguish the tourism area along Roxas Boulevard, destroy the potential of our historic Intramuros, remove 20 vital anchorage berths for ships and most of all, take away from us a waterfront we all love.”

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Monday, April 22 2013

MTRCB - Wowowillie under three-month Probation over Skimpy Outfits and Excessive Flesh Exposure of its Dancers(EDITORIAL)

MTRCB - Wowowillie under three-month Probation over Skimpy Outfits and Excessive Flesh Exposure of its Dancers(EDITORIAL)


The controversial TV host, Willie Revillame, is again in hot water over the outfits and excessive flesh exposure in Wowowillie's 16 April 2013 & other episodes.

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Thursday, April 11 2013

Senator Miriam Santiago Graduation Speech - UP Students are Arrogant

Senator Miriam Santiago Graduation Speech - UP Students are Arrogant


During the graduation speech of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago at the Our Lady of Fatima University on Tuesday, she called the students of the state-run University of the Philippines “full of themselves”.

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Friday, November 16 2012

Invasion of Privacy and Character Assassination of Gregory Paulo Llamoso - AMALAYER VIDEO Author

One of our readers, Yor, is asking us to post his/her comments regarding the unauthorized recording of the AMALAYER incident in LRT-2 station after the said reader viewed our article calling the attention of Paula Jamie Salvosa to speak up and fight for her right.


The following message is an original content from Yor. decided not to publish his/her full name. Moreover, the content below has not been edited because we want to publish it as it is.

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Wednesday, September 5 2012

Newest Plagiarized Speech of Senator Sotto is Trending in all Social networking Sites

The plagiarized speech of the Philippine Senator, Tito Sotto, became viral in both twitter and facebook. After plagiarizing the works of the US blogger, Sarah Pope, the senator is again involved in copying his speech from Robert Kennedy which he delivered on Wednesday.

Senator Tito Sotto thought of eluding plagiarism by translating the speech of Robert Kennedy into Filipino. The actual translation is available here.

Previously, Senator Sotto denied the accusations of the netizens that he plagiarized the works of Sarah Pope and as expected this time he strongly claimed that translating speeches from English to Filipino is no longer a plagiarism. Also, on this new plagiarized speech he said that he did not know the origin of the speech nor aware of the author. What a scapegoat senator!


View Tito Sotto plagiarism photos - a huge collection of memes

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Wednesday, April 25 2012

Silverio compound demolition in Parañaque left 39 injured and 1 dead

A demolition of a make-shift marketplace in Silverio compound in Paranaque City turned deadly Monday, with at least one dead and many injured.

According to the Philippine Red Cross, 39 people were hurt in the clash, including members of the Philippine National Police, as demolition officers clashed with informal settlers.

Source: yahoo news , images in this article are taken from yahoo photos

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