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When it comes to security, Prevention is NOT the key

When it comes to security, Prevention is NOT the key

“MANILA, Philippines - After a ban on buying hammers, shoppers will now be told not to wear caps in malls to prevent robberies, a police official said yesterday.


“From now on, the wearing of caps would be banned in malls. Those wearing it would be advised to take it off and place or keep them inside their bags or in their pockets,” National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief Director Carmelo Valmoria said in an interview.

Mall owners will display signs against the wearing of caps at entrances while security guards will strictly enforce the ban in a polite manner, he added.” – Philstar.com

So basically, their reason for banning caps in the malls is because of the latest heist inside SM North Edsa jewelry section, where robbers used hammers bought at a hardware store to smash the glass panels. They were wearing caps could not be identified in the CCTV cameras.

So with all these rules created for the mall securities, they show us another typical move of being stricter after a certain unfortunate scenario. Now here come the “rants” …

1.) Here we go again!
They go implement these new rules once again because of what just recently happened. How come the system doesn’t think of this before-hand? Is everything a trial and error? The safety of mall goers are jeopardised every day until the criminals think of a new tactic to go through this.

2.) Rule breakers
Look! Those bad guys are not afraid of using a hammer and smashing glass doors. What makes them think that they’ll suddenly be a rule abiding citizen and follow a “No cap” policy? I KNOW what they’re point is for doing this cap law thing. They’re pointing out that if you DO wear a cap inside the mall; then don’t blame us if we already consider you a suspect. We TOLD you not to wear the caps so every cap wearer is guilty until proven innocent. Also, it’s like saying; if you wear a cap, you’re already hiding something therefore we’ve got our eyes on you.

3.) Here’s my point!
THEIR FOCUS IS ON PREVENTION! And to what extent did it get us so far? All these “no cap” rules are saying is “Well at least if they actually did something, we’ll identify them.” They focus on identification yet if they do identify the thieves, what do they do? Oh and I bet these new laws will only be for so long the POOF, back to the lazy bag checking ways again. And don’t they even notice what the security guards JUST do? They just poke the bags with the damned sticks and glide their gloved hands on hips and Voila! You’re considered safe already.

IMPLEMENTATION, INSTANT RESPONSE! That’s what we need. All these “No cap”, “Co shades” things aren’t even necessary if criminals know for a fact that the security and tight and that they won’t get away with what they’re planning. They don’t fear the security anymore. Why? THEY NEVER GET ANYONE! THEY NEVER CAPTURE ANYONE! THOSE CRIMINALS ALWAYS MANAGE TO ESCAPE!

They create these rules where there are so many loopholes to be taken from. No caps? Ok then, they could easily wear scarves on their faces or face masks and use allergies as an excuse. So the mall bans those too? What I’m trying to say is, if security is actually good with the IMMEDIATE responses, then most bad guys won’t even DARE to rob the mall. They focus on prevention so much that when you warn a guy who hasn’t done anything yet they could easily say “I haven’t done anything yet. You can’t do anything with me.”

Okay sorry. I got carried away with the rants. I mean what do I know? I’m just a normal citizen.


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