Silverio compound demolition in Parañaque left 39 injured and 1 dead

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A demolition of a make-shift marketplace in Silverio compound in Paranaque City turned deadly Monday, with at least one dead and many injured.

According to the Philippine Red Cross, 39 people were hurt in the clash, including members of the Philippine National Police, as demolition officers clashed with informal settlers.

Source: yahoo news , images in this article are taken from yahoo photos

My fellow countrymen, this is completely unacceptable. I haven't witnessedsilverio-compound-paranaque-demolition-baton-3.JPG the actual demolition and I was not in Silverio compound during the riot between our police authorities and silverio residents but when I saw these photos from yahoo, I felt their pains and I could not even stop myself to hate the scene of the bloody clash and confrontation of the silverio demolition team and the shanties owners.

My own people fighting against each other, filipino blood painted the alleys of silverio compound and to the extent that my own brother died. Why do we need to have someone face this type of consequence? Why are so violent whenever there are misunderstanding between parties? Is this the only solution to complete the demolition task by killing and hurting each other? Why are we so narrow in finding solutions to our community issues?

Why are so desparate in making this move? Why did we kill our brother because of a chinese who wants to build his condominium in the area? It is undeniable that two parties committed mistakes. Mistakes that could no longer be corrected even the days after tomorrow. We can not revive the life that is gone, a precious life of our brother!

My countrymen, is this the scene that we will expect in the future demolition task? Why do we fight easily against each other and we can easily let ourselves be slaves to these chinese invaders? Why can't we stand and fight against those chinese in Spratly Islands rather than beating among ourselves?

Brothers and sisters, we published an article last month, "Demolition in Silverio Compound Sucat" and humbly asked...

"Respect your fellow countrymen. They also seek refuge and home for their family who earns too little to feed their entire family. Be good brothers. We can build our nation the calmest way."

Our request was never heard and the horrifying clash that we don't like to occur swiftly happened last Monday. extends our deepest condolences to the relatives of the victim who died during the demolition.

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Kindly read the detailed comment of "Mac-Mac Galupo" regarding this pre-planned demolition which started last March 2012.

silverio-compound-paranaque-demolition-baton-2.JPG henry-sy-paranaque-condominium.jpg silverio-compound-paranaque-demolition-baton.JPG silverio-compound-paranaque-demolition.jpg

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