A Rational Response to Lourd de Veyra’s Close-Minded Open Letter to Vic and My Little Bossings

By: Sherwin in Editorial

Brace yourself for a long but fruitful read! ;)

Have you read the sinister Open Letter to Vic Sotto and My Little Bossings made by the ever so heroic and dignified journalist slash TV celebrity slash musician named Lourd de Veyra? This man has a kind of oozing personality, a Mr. Know-it-all type of guy, and he is even probably the inspiration or model of the song “Nasa’yo na ang Lahat” by Daniel Padilla. Yes! Lourd de Veyra got it all. So the moment he speaks, you have no other choice but to believe in him. He’s as credible as the late President Nelson Mandela.


Lourd de Veyra’s open letter mocked the quality of Filipino movies, scorned gallantly and singled out the highest earning movie in the 39th MMFF, “My Litle Bossings” . The letter was supposed to be some form of an encouragement to the movie makers as well as the actors to produce more high-quality films but it ended up as an article dissing MMFF’s top earning movie. Did he place his bet on the wrong movie that’s why he’s so enraged when he found out that “My Little Bossings” did well in this year’s filmfest? I will include here some parts of the said open letter by de Veyra and I will try to make a corresponding short response.

To our readers, please take note. I am in no way a Vic Sotto fanatic neither do I hold grudges on Mr. Lourd de Veyra. I just want to voice out my own opinion the same way that he did. I find Filipino movies very predictable and corny to some extent so I am not here to act as their redeemer.

As usual, ikaw na naman ang topgrosser. May special effects at mga engka-engkanto man o wala. Ang tindi lang talaga ng pulso mo sa bata, kaya naman ikaw ang consistent topgrosser. Bagong record daw: P50.4 million?

By the time this was written, My Little Bossing’s revenue could have certainly eclipsed the P50.4 million mark. I’m expecting a follow up article tackling about the other MMFF movie entries. Your hatred towards the movie, My Little Bossings, is evident in this article Mr. de Veyra.

Editor's note: If you don't agree on Sherwin's opinion, you might want to read "What I DISLIKE about Pinoy mainstream movies" (Authored by another blogger of DH.com)

Pero kapapanood ko lang nung My Little Bossings. May problema ako eh. Malaki.

I’ve seen Word of the Lourd too. May Problema din ako, Malaki rin. It’s not humorous enough to catch the mainstream audiences’ attention. It was also trying hard to make splendid and intellectual documentaries starring a cheesy mustached man.

Sabihin na lang natin na hindi ako ang audience ng My Little Bossings. At tama nga—paglabas ko ng sinehan, puro mga chikiting ang nakapila. Obvious naman kung anong demographic ang puntirya nito. Alam ko ang unang depensa niyo ng mga producers: hindi ako ang audience niyo. “Eh di huwag ka na lang manood.”

Exactly! You must have entered the wrong cinema buddy. Or you intentionally watched the movie just for the sole purpose of making an article criticizing the movie and hope that the article of yours will become viral. Guess what? You actually made it! ( clap-clap-clap )

You become more renowned than you were before. Although you still got a long way before being as famous as Jessica Soho, Ted Failon, Mike Enriquez, Mel Tiangco or Noli De Castro. So you still have to make more of this before you can be considered as such.

Nagbayad ako ng P220 kaya karapatan ko bilang manonood na magbahagi ng saloobin.

Lourd de Veyra, you can have your money back. Php 220 isn't’t enough to degrade someone’s fruit of labor. Every crew in each of the MMFF film entries surely worked hard just to come up with a good movie. Good enough to make most moviegoers smile and get satisfied. However, thanks for letting me read your REMARKABLE and EYE-Opening open letter for free.

Gaano niyo ba kabilis ginawa ito? May pakiramdam ito na parang tatlong araw lang eh, parang minadali, or what we in our circles refer to as: PNY (“Puwede na ’yan.”)

Let me see a movie produced by the Great Lourd de Veyra. We’ll switch seats and I’m gonna tell if that one is not a PNY (Pwede na Yan) type of movie as your “circles” use to call them. They took a considerable amount of time constructing catchy and funny punch lines to make people laugh. Even famous drama actors and actresses said that it’s harder to make people laugh than it is to make tears fall from the audiences’ eyes.

Hindi kami nagbayad ng P220 para bentahan ng pancit canton, tinapay, sabong panlaba, cough syrup, at kung ano-ano pang produkto ang ine-endorse ninyong dalawa ni Kris Aquino. Ganoon na ba kayo ka-desperado? Hindi naman siguro.

There were a lot of endorsements on that film which were a little bit annoying at some point. But it’s part of the business. They were the movie’s sponsors so it is right and proper to give them back the favor. It didn’t affect any punch lines on that movie anyway.

Editor's note: If you don't agree on Sherwin's opinion, you might want to read "What I DISLIKE about Pinoy mainstream movies" (Authored by another blogger of DH.com)

Hindi kami nagbayad ng P220 para lunukin ang storyline na may babaeng willing magbayad ng P20 million para patirahin anak sa bahay ng accountant niyang hindi naman niya ka-close. Mahirap lunukin ang kuwento na may babaeng milyonara at edukada na magpapadala sa banta ng salbaheng kapatid na isisiwalat raw sa media na siya (Kris) ang mastermind ng pyramiding scam (Nalito ka ba? Ako rin eh).


Are you expecting a story line which is as great as Inception, Sherlock Holmes, or Harry Potter? You must have been barking at the wrong tree. Movies like My Little Bossings is just going with the flow, they avoided staying away from the norms set by the Filipino entertainment industry a couple of decades ago when Dolphy was still around doing Chalrie Chaplin-esque films which were admired by the Filipino audiences.

Pero bossing, maiba tayo: hanggang ganito na lang ba?   Pagkakataon niyo na sana. Kayong dalawa ni Kris Aquino ang dalawa sa mga pinakamakapangyarihang pangalan sa showbiz ngayon. Ang daming nagtitiwala sa inyo. Ang dami-dami niyong puwedeng gawin. But this is the best you can come up with? ’Wag niyo sabihing “Pinaghirapan namin ito,” dahil maglolokohan lang tayo.

( Astro Cigarette – One of the greatest Filipino Music Hits ever )

Can you come up with something better dear Lourd De Veyra? Yesterday, I watched a news program where you served as a news anchor. You were outstanding! You are something that’s worth watching sir. You can even be compared to the likes of Jay Leno, David Letterman and Anderson Cooper. You’re just that good.

This morning, I’ve listened to the songs “Astro Cigarette” and “ Gusto ko ng Baboy” by Radioactive Sago project. I had a very good time listening to them. A Bohemian Rhapsody wannabe with an absurd lyrics. Can you come up with a better song than these two? Come on, I was expecting a lot more from you. It was like I just wasted my hard earned money by buying a Radioactive Sago Project album in Odyssey. (facepalm)

Take note: hindi nanood ang mga tao ng My Little Bossings dahil tingin nila’y maganda ang plot at storyline—wala naman ito sa mga trailer eh, hindi pinakita. Pero hindi naman porke naka-bangko kayo sa ka-kyutan ni Ryzza Mae at patawa mo ay PNY na lang ang ibang aspekto ng pelikula.


If you are expecting a movie as extravagant as the Transformers, IronMan or Avatar, then why not watch foreign movies? Remember, we are living in a third world country where a film’s budget is directly proportional to the economy’s status. Why produce a half a billion peso film if you are not sure if you will be able to rake in a billion peso revenue? Be realistic Mr. de Veyra. Just my two cents Sir.

Oh by the way narrow-minded Lourd de Veyra, don't miss my points and get back on me with my grammar lapses. You are just De Veyra, not the Lord!

Do no harm like the weeds of Colorado. LOL

Lastly, part of the 2013 Metro Manila Filmfest's proceeds were donated to typhoon Yolanda victims and survivors.

Update: A good point raised by one of our readers, John Paulo, against the statement of De Veyra (see full FB comment below).

...Why focused more on My Little Bossings rather than rants on MMFF's (criteria) 'diba? For me, you cannot blame the producers if they pass the criteria to be in the 2013 MMFF...

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Welcome to the world of DiversityHuman, where any comments are published without censorship. You should be happy of the freedom of expression that this site is offering you. ;) Relax and post your arguments. No one is stopping you from doing it.

Editor's note: If you don't agree on Sherwin's opinion, you might want to read "What I DISLIKE about Pinoy mainstream movies" (Authored by another blogger of DH.com)




Good Day mates! I’m Sherwin, I am an Electrical Engineering student at Rizal Technological University. I love writing articles and editorials second only to reading interesting conspiracy theories. Feel free to contact me, if you find my opinions and articles a little bit offensive or unoriginal. Follow or add me @ https://www.facebook.com/shatteredsherwin/

Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 06 Jan 2014

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Editorial 80

ang ibig sabihin lang ni Lourd ay ganito..."why do just good if you can do better." and it does'nt mean na kung third world country tayo e wala tayong kakayanan na gumawa ng world class na pelikula. para sa kin ang sulat ni Lourd ay para lang itaas ang antas ng kaledad ng pelikula sa Pilipinas. ikaw din Mr. Author and mismong hindi nakakaintindi ng mga ibig sabihin ng sulat ni Mr. De Veyra, you took it so literally. siguro masyadong intellectual yung sulat na yun para maintindihan mo. Isa pa, for Bossing ang Kris, bakit hindi nila gamitin yung impluwensiya nila at gumawa ng mas makabuluhang pelikula na maaaring kapupulutan ng aral para maitaas ang kaledad ng buhay ng mga Pilipino. at isa pa, with Bossing and Kris as producers siguro naman they have enough budget to create a movie na talagang maganda and hindi PNY. Sana maintindihan mo Mr. Author na ang lahat ng mga nasabi ni Lourd sa sulat niya at isang constructive criticism at hindi paninira. sigurado ako na you have the proper knowledge to understand it well, sana pakigamit sa mas makabuluhang paraan para mas maintindihan mo ang sulat. hindi pwede na kung anong nabasa mo yung na agad ang iintindihin mo at lalong hindi OK na gagawa ka lang basta ng PNY na comment sa hindi mo naman talaga naiintindihan.

rrhernaez Monday, January 6 2014 - 20:59

why do Filipinos always add "Sir" to names? I observe that other nationalities dont use that word.

baldo Monday, January 6 2014 - 21:48

nanuod kme ng MLB nung x'mas sobrang excited pa nman kme kya lng na sad tlga kme kc totoo ung cnabe ni lourd lht ng cnabe nia eksakto . pero pag eksena ni ryza and bimbi nakakatuwa . kya lng tama si lourd parang minadali

cherry Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 00:22

No offense, but the writer is just plain stupid. Your the likes of people voting stupid politicians. We need less of people like you.

mike Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 00:32

This was a total waste of my time kahit na in a way na entertain ako the way magsulat si author. Masyadong trying hard. Ang pinili pang i okray ay ang maling tao. And by the way, your efforts at bringin on humor and satire to ths article is just...I don't know. Pagpatuloy mo na lang ang M.E. mo, baka mas may future ka pa dun.

jim Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 00:59

You are missing the point kid. wala akng lalim, read between the lines. nasayang oras ko sa pag basa nito. cant even understand what lourd is talking about, just like a kid talking back to parents that doesnt know the real jizz. aral pa.

louie Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 01:26

Mr. Author, sa susunod po kasi intindihin mo muna ung mga binabasa mo bago ka mag react at mag kwento ng kung ano2, dinamay mo pa ung mga kanta ni Mr. De Veyra. Alam mo po ba ung salitang "constructive criticism"? Siguro nmn narinig nyo na un. Hindi masamang gumamit muna ng utak bago gumawa ng blog. :-D

helen Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 02:29

Well, the fact that this guy referred to Daniel Padilla tells a lot about the sense (or lack thereof) in this article.

Joey Ramos Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 04:27

’Rational’ my ass!

RKO Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 04:48

@Sherwin. I see an idiot. Haha andmi mong cnb. Ni-rationalized mo p ung mga lines ni sir Lourd, eh ni isa nmn hnd mo n justified rationally. Pambihira isa ka sa mga bobong pilipinong alipin ng mainstream, na nakokontento nlng sa kung anong ihain sa knya ng mainstream media. Lol kht third world country tau kaya ntng gumwa ng mga png world class n pelikula. D kailngn ng bilyong budget o magarbong special effects. Nagawa n yan. Ilng beses na. Sa mga lumang high quality films hanggang sa mga bagong filipino indie films. Muka k p nmng matalino pero lumbas n muka kng mangmang sa mga pinag sasabi mo. Open letter to ni lourd de veyra hnd lng kay vic sotto kundi sa iba png filipino film maker at movie artist. Gusto niang ipunto n kya natng gumwa pa ng mas makabuluhang plas para sa masa na may tatak pilipino. Kya ntng itaas ang antas ng kalidad ng mga gngwa ntng pelikula hnd gya ng trapo na nanalo sa mmff. Masyado mong gnwang literal. Tanga k b? Hindi dhl sa hindi mo naiintindihn ang isang bagy ay kasinungalingan na ito, at hindi lht ng kaya ming intindihn ay katotohanan.

bryan Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 05:11

Sino na naman tong gustong sumikat na to?

Sherlost Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 05:28

Nagpapasikat lang ata to, trying to get on that viral train.

You clearly do not know what Mr De Veyra means. Technology really brings out a lot of stupid people, writing online and shouting Hey I'm stupid :)

The movie's clearly trash, no chemistry on the two kids, and its just a very long advertisement. And why would we settle on films like these? While under budget independent films are known and win awards worldwide but locally these type of films breaks box-office records?

You spoke of the crew, yeah, they worked hard for money but not for the craft, this is a sell out film and just want to earn money.

Koroneki Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 05:44

Galing mo Lourd! Sang-ayon ako sa lahat ng sinabi mo. Eh, talaga namang walang kuwenta at basura iyang My Little Bossings. Pambata lang talaga at walang sustansya. Alam ko rin na talagang fan ka ng TVJ, kasi sa show mo meron ding hampasan ng dyaryo, bugahan ng tubig at laitan sa laki ng tyan at pagkapanot. Sapul lahat ng mga punto mo, na siguro na-i-apply mo sa mga naisulat mong pelikula. Wala lang akong balita kung nanalo ka ng parangal o naging mataas ang pagtingin sa nagawa mong pelikula, pero malamang pinilahan iyon ng marami. At paglabas nila ng sinehan, malamang nakangiti ang mga tao dahil meron silang natutunan. Ano nga pala credentials ng mga judges ng MMFF? Sablay sila pumili ng runner-up para sa best film, wala silang alam sa art and quality. Hay, kung ikaw lang sana ang kinuha nila dahil sa respetado mong mga obra, e di mas maayos ang MMFF ng 2013. 8-)

Hodor Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 05:56

Masyadong walang kwenta ang artikulo mo. Minsan, huwag mong piliting maging malalim kahit alam mong mababaw ang sasabihin mo. Eto ang mahirap kapag ang "bobo" nagkaroon ng confidence, masyadong lumilipad ng mataas na akala mo naman maraming katalinuhang magpapalipad sa kanya. Kaya lang, yung mga matatalino, kokonti lang ang nagsasalita. Yung totoo sa author ng artikulong ito, wala eh, lumalayo ka sa pinaka-sentro ng sulat ni Lourd. Wala sa konteksto ng gusto nyang talakayin kundi paninira lang talaga. Mag-aral ka munang mabuti. Aralin mong mabuti ang konsepto at teknikalidad ng pagsusulat para hindi batikusin sa susunod. Payong kaibigan lang ito para sa isang manunulat din.

Marahil magtatanong ka kung "bakit, magaling ka bang magsulat?". Ang sagot ko lang naman, OO, MAGALING AKONG MAGSULAT. Hindi ko na kailangang patunayan sa'yo. :)

K Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 06:04

Tangina nainis lang akong nagbasa sa mga sinabi mo. ang tapang mong magsabi na Narrow-minded pero bumabalik sayo yung tinapon mo. Mag aral ka nga muna, isipin mong mabuti bago ka magsalita, worse, bago mo isulat at ipost. Nakakahiya.

aiza Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 06:18

I agree na hindi "rational" or unbiased ang article ni Mr. Sherwin. However, sa mga bashers naman niya, at nakikibandwagon na mag negative reaction sa kanya, I think he just really wanted to express his thoughts. And yes, sasabihin niyong nag express lang din kayo kagaya ko and kagaya nila. But then again, just because nagkamali siya at some parts eh gegeneralize-in niyo na. He clearly made a lot of good points rin. Like, why point out MLB alone samantalang ilang dekada na at ilang MMFF movies naman na talaga ang sadyang ganuon ang quality?

Julia Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 06:19

'Eto lang pare.

Kung inintindi mo rin yung kabilang aspeto ng pelikula, mauunawaan mo yung mensahe ni De Veyra. Bakit kamo? Kasi nakita ko rin kung ano ang pinapahiwatig niya. Tama kami ng iniisip tungkol sa pelikula.

Sabi nga ng iba dito, aral pa tsaka maging kritiko ka pa kahit papaano. Sayang lang yung rationalization mo.

Hindi namin kailangan ng makitid at kulang sa talino dito.

Tulto Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 06:40

I was thinking hard as I compose my response to this article...because that's what rational people do. They think hard before they act or speak. The biggest blunder of your article is that you entitled is "A Rational Response..." when it screamed irrationality with all its might. I think you missed Mr. de Veyra's point sometime in the middle of your rant. He wanted to challenge influential entertainment figures such as Vic Sotto to make better movies that would inspire people to think and abandon mediocrity...unlike MLB which made most of us ask ourselves after, " P*ta ano yun?!" Nobody wants to pay Php 220.00 and be slapped by one commercial after another about instant noodles, canned tuna and cellphones. we already have the TV for that. It's an insult to the thinking mind. There might be a moral lesson somewhere within the plot but you can hardly appreciate it with all the ads.

You mentioned in your FB account that you're not getting any sympathy for writing the articles...well you should have expected it before before putting your thoughts into words. I believe Mr. de Veyra expected as much but I don't see him lashing out at every critic. I believe that your main point, although it seems that you refuse to acknowledge it or may have done it unconsciously, is to attack the credibility of Mr. de Veyra for his words hurt your pride as a fan or your writer's ego; making you think "Sumulat siya ng ganun at naging viral. Why not me?! An tagal ko na angba-blog pero wala masyadong impact. Maki-join nga!"

With an educational background such as yours, you should refrain from swimming in the pool of "PWEDE NA YAN" populace and strive to produce better outcomes. We should stop catering to the " "A" for Effort" Mentality. Filipino movies should be better because WE CAN DO BETTER AND WE DESERVE BETTER.

Another thing, DONATING a part of the movie sales does not mean that we have to accept its lousy quality. Even those people who barely had anything to eat were able to give something for the Yolanda victims on their own and they did not need to see a crappy movie to do so.

I know you will be flaming me for this but hey...who am I to snap back? I'm just a free-thinker who's trying not to become a slave to mediocrity.


Derpina Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 06:53

hi Sherwin. gusto mo bang sabihin na bilang isang third world country, wala tayong kakayanan gumawa at karapatang mag-demand ng magagandang palabas? Napanood mo ba ang Crying Ladies at Magnifico? dalawang magada at de kalidad na palabas na nagawa sa mas maliit na budget kumpara sa MLB. Talagang nalungot ako sa iyong isinulat dahil sa pagtatangka mong depensahan ang MLB, ang mensahe mo ay hindi natin kayang gumawa ng magandang palabas.

shattershards Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 08:03

This is just an attack agaunst Lourd De Veyra. Isa ka sa mga tao na makasalungat lang ng walang dahilan, just for the sake of opposing something. Wala namang mali sa pag-asam na tumaas ang kalidad ng pop culture natin. It's people like you that hinder that kind of progress. This is a waste of time, badly written, and not well thought through.

And ps anong layo naman ng Radioactive Sago Project sa Queen pwede ba. Umayos ka.

T Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 08:10

buti pa yung matalino at may saysay ang sinasabi nakuhang managalog, lalo tuloy kumagat yung sinabi nya... eh yung nagdudunong-dunongan diyan pinanindigan talaga ang pag-iingles na paliko-liko! gusto ko tuloy magsulat ng "open letter pointing out my rational response regarding your grammar lapses!" pero wag na lang..

peder Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 08:12

Sherwin is a berry good righter! Why make complains to him when you cant even comprehend his artikel? Close minded si Lourd because he will be deads if his mind is open diba?

On a more serious note:
Sherwin please wag kang tanga.

mr rational Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 08:13

...Hindi ko alam kung anong rasyonal sa mga naging come-back mo sa mga punto ni Lourd de Veyra. Puro na lang pasaring at parang butthurt lang.

Hindi mo nage-gets ang point nung open letter. Tignan mo ha, top grossing film, sobrang pangit ng quality (kung di ka maniwalang ang film na ito ay "it's so bad it's terrible", maghanap ka ng online reviews at iisa lang ang sinasabi nila: Ang pangit). Anong implikasyon nito sa masa? Ang mga ganitong films ang mabenta, at hinahayaan natin na mag-produce ng mga ganitong basurang mga pelikula ang movie industry. Parang binababoy ng pelikula yung mga audience nito; wala na silang pakialam sa audience basta kumita. Napakapangit ng ganoong pag-iisip. Babahain ang Pinoy Cinema ng mga ganitong "pwede na yan" films, eh mababa na nga ang kalidad ng Pinoy Cinema ngayon kung ikukumpara mo sa ibang industriya.

At bilang mga manonood ng pelikula, may karapatan tayong maging kritiko sa mga pelikula! Ang pelikula ay isang produkto na ibinebenta sa atin, at para sa My Little Bossings, yung P220 na iyon ay hindi sulit. Ang laking pera na sa akin ng P220, gusto kong sulitin iyon para sa isang magandang movie! Doon sa film na iyon, naroon ang dalawa sa pinakaimpluwensyal na aktor/aktress: Vic Sotto at Kris Aquino, at anong ginawa nila? Isang basura na pelikula na hindi na nga maayos ang pagkakasulat ng kwento ay puro product placement pa. Sinayang nila yung oportunidad na gumawa ng isang pelikula na kahit at least may quality.

Ayoko rin dun sa come-back mo na "para sa mga bata naman iyan eh; di naman ikaw yung demographic" at "bawal mong ikritiko kasi pinaghirapan nila iyan". Actually hindi magandang argumento ang mga iyan, kasi kahit na pambata ang demograpiko ng isang pelikula, hindi ito dahilan para gumawa ng isang basurang pelikula. Example na lang: Pixar movies, kahit pambata ang mga iyon, maganda ang pagkakasulat at kahit mga matatanda nahuhumaling dito. At dun sa kritiko, kung nanood ka nung movie makikita mong halos parang di pinaghirapan yung movie kung ikukumpara mo sa ibang MMFF na entries (nanood ako ng My Little Bossings, at nagsisisi ako).

At ang pinaka-ayoko sa lahat ay yung overall attitude, mula mismo sa sulatin ni Lourd de Veyra, "Pwede na iyan(g movie na My Little Bossings)". Hindi mo nga talaga nagets yung open letter. Parang okay na sa iyo na subuan ka ng mga basurang movies, at kuntento ka na doon. Ang mga ganyan klaseng pag-iisip ang dahilan kung bakit nagkakaroon ng mga basurang Filipino Movies at bumababa ang kalidad ng Filipino Cinema. Ayun yung pinupuntirya ni Lourd de Veyra.

gaillee Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 08:20

oh lol, writing this article clearly illustrates how you missed the point of the article you are talking about (lourd's article)

kirby kirby kirby Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 08:54

i think you missed the point... if you read the whole of the article, you will get his point. it will certainly look like bashing if you just cut off some portions. i think you should re-read again before you comment or blog something like this

glittered scrubs Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 09:38

Guys, tama na siguro. You have made your point. Baka maging suicidal pa 'yung author. And suicide is not something to be taken lightly.

Guys Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 10:57

lol you base the movies' quality sa special effects? jan palang obvious na bobo ka talaga pag dating sa ganitong mga bagay. watch Forrest Gump.

karlo Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 11:11

Manghang mangha ako Sherwin sa yong kadakilaan. Yung ibang tao masama ang loob mag-bayad ng sapat gusto lagi makaka-mura - kahit may kalidad tatawad at tatawad pa rin. Pero ikaw okay lang mag-bayad ng sobra kahit na bulok ang produkto. Alam mo mas bagay sayo maging pilantropo.

elms5150 Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 11:15

It’s not humorous enough to catch the mainstream audiences’ attention.

sino ba yung mainstream people na yan. Yun ba yung masaya na lang sa kanilang buhay at sa estado ng lipunan? hehehe

Elis Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 11:21


potato Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 11:24

If you'll be applying for me as an Electrical Enginner and read this blog, I'd rather not hire you because you have a "pwede na yan" mentality. Magkaron ka naman ng nararapat na standard chief. Balak mo pa din naman maging Engineer. Pano na lang yan pag sa trabaho mo. Pwede na yan, ganun na lang. You should alwas strive for more at hindi makuntento.

tzie Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 11:26

I dont know but your opinion is out of the line, i dont get it!!

polbonifacio Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 11:43

Hindi na sana ko magcocomment kasi yokong patulan ang kababawan ng author, pero:
1. Congrats, may chance maging viral to. At alam natin na positive or negative man ang dahilan ng pagiging viral eh positive pa din ang effect nito sa blog.
Panalo din yung author kasi dadami ang makakapansin sayo.

2. Sorry sa comment sa no.1 pero totio kasi yun. Next time mas talasan ang pagiisip sa pagpuna at pagbida bida. Pansinin mo, lahat nang comments sa taas ng coment na to ay kontra sa sinulat mo. Ok din siguro yung intensyon mo pero sablay talaga tong article.

pauldoh Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 11:45

hahaha.. walang kwenta, sana yung oras na ginugol mo sa pag-iisip at pagsusulat nito ay nilaan mo na lang sa mas makabuluhang bagay gaya ng paggugupit ng kuko or paglilibag.. ganun, mas may sense pa ang paglilibag kesa sa article mo..

tanginamosherwin Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 12:06


I find it very hard to take in the idea that your article is rational and not colored with negative bias.

You pretty much begin your tirade with the presumption that Lourd hates the movie in question, while your reactions and comebacks actually reveal you to be the one hating on the guy and his opinions.

Lourd's open letter is a challenge to Philippine cinema, not just towards icons like Tito Sotto. It is also aimed at the industry captains, as well as us, the audience, to do more and expect more from each other. That attitude of excellence just isn't there, and it shows when a movie like My Little Bossings is produced, and people hail it as the top-grossing flick of the Metro Manila Film Festival.

With responses like yours, it seems that the challenge has fallen upon deaf ears and ignorant minds. We have a long way to go...

Sherwin, I hope you are a studious and promising electrical engineer, because this kind of writing and "rationality" just won't cut it in journalism. Good day.

- Joe

Joe Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 13:50

you missed Lourd's point. big time. what your article merely shows is your own tendetiousness. there is no sobriety or rationality there, brother. next time, before you label anything you write as "rational," please review the rules of Logic and Argumentation before posting. i wish you luck and improvement.

allthumbs Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 13:50

Poetang ina! Professional writer ka? Bwisit! Nasayang oras ko sa walang kwentang post na to!

Conceited Pogi Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 14:04

too bad you're not going to gain the amount of money lourd did for writing some piece of crap.

it gets worse. you're inexperienced. you're not a professional compared to him.

nobody will care about what you say.

matt Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 15:39

this is a stupid article. wasted my time reading it.

wow Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 16:12

Ang supot naman ng author na 'to! Boloks ng mga comment mo.. sabaw!

potsu Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 16:26

Looks like a lot of argument has risen up based on two sides - Lourd's and Sherwin. Methinks all of these peepz miss the point - in order to put in all-intellectual analysis and rationale, even Lourd maybe don't realize that Filipinos who want to relax, laugh, entertain their kids, etc., don't have to take into consideration the intellectual value, the social relevance, the plot and what-have-you's present in those intelligent films that these intellectuals prefer. Most people who watched My Little Bossings were there to just - that's it, relax, not to tire their minds analyzing the plot and everything. They just wanted to make their kids, their wives and grandmas laugh...without stressing them with critical analysis of the film, plot, story and all.

Moni Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 16:29

Too long, don't read.

bottom line - we settle for Pwede-na-yan. because.. well, ganun tayo - ayaw sa improvement... tsk tsk tsk.

unamused Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 16:42

Well, someone's desperate to trend.

Dumb article is dumb.

facepalm Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 17:50

Alam mo kasi ang point lang naman talaga ni Lourd, Make better Films. Eh kung okay lang sa yo na may sandamakmak na Ads sa pinapanuod mong movie, tapos walang kalogic logic yung characters, sabay mo pa ang mga incoherent scenes at poor editing. Eh puta dre, Nasanay ka na sa mga SHIT na pinapakain sayo ng media.

Gabo Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 18:24

'tol, sobrang supot tong sinulat mo. nabobo ako nung binasa ko ito. Alam ko everyone is entitled to their opinion pero dapat hindi na ito pinublish. Nagmumukhang tanga ang kabataan at ang Pilipinas dahil sa walang silbing basura na sinulat mo.

Buong Pilipinas Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 18:35

WASTE OF time!!!

Moot Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 19:20

I initially thought visiting this site was a dreadful waste of bandwidth,...

But reading all these excellent comments makes it worth it. ;D

(Sherwin, what you wrote is just about as rational as latte-flavored enema.)

Sherwin_BOBO Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 20:41

Hi Author,

I saw this article as full of grudge and bitterness. Bro, yung kay Lourd yun yung rational/constructive critism. Ang hirap kasi sa sulat mo, you took the open letter of Lourd literally and not the whole content itself or kung anong gustong iparating ni Lourd sa letter nya kay bossing. In my opinion, the way I saw Lourd's letter is to upgrade yung quality ng pelikulang Pinoy, I'm not talking about special effects or props designs but the content itself. Syempre hindi naman tayo pwedeng magstay lang or makontento sa mga movies na masyadong mababaw just like MLB, mayroon ka bang nakitang moral lesson sa movie? I'm pretty sure wala. Ang gustong maiparating ni Lourd is that marami namang means si Vic and Kris para makagawa ng dekalidad na pelikula para sa mga manunuod. Bro, pwede namang gumawa ng "feel-good" movie na may kakapulutan pa din ng aral. For example, Home-Along da Riles ni Pidol, simpleng pelikula pero at the same time it shows we can overcome any problems as long as we are united. And marami pang ganoong movie. Kasi, katulad nga ng sinabi mo, masyado nang predictable and corny yung Pinoy movies. Unlike you, gusto lang siguro namin (hindi lang si Lourd) na iupgrade yung humor at content ng Pinoy comedy movies.

Hindi ko naman sasabihing waste of time yung pagbasa sa article mo. Pero bro, next time think first before ka magreact or magcomment sa isang bagay, hindi yung may masabi ka lang or in other words, "wag kang makinerbyos lang". Pero, I admire you're courage in expressing your opinion on something. Pero next time, just come up with a clever one.

Bro paalala lang:

"Mas bobo pa sa bobo ang bobong nagmamarunong."

drew Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 21:32

Omg. Please kuya. Basahin mo nga 'yang sinulat mo. Tapos, basahin mo ulit 'yung sinulat ni Lourd de Veyra. Isipin mo kung alin ang mas rational at kung sino ang open-minded o narrow-minded, kung sino ang mas naging kritikal sa pinagsusulat niya. Kung matapos mong basahin pareho at 'yung sa'yo pa rin ang mas rational, kritikal at open-minded, eh hindi mo binasa ng maayos o nabago ang depinisyon ng mga salita na iyon at hindi ko nabalitaan? Kung ganon, ito, isang rational at open-minded na komento para sa'yo:

Alam nating lahat na kaya mo ito sinulat para magpapansin, gusto mong maging viral ito, 'diba? Para kahit konti, kahit sandali, sumikat ka naman. Alam mo ba kung ano ang rational? Eh objective kaya? Kung alam mo, opposite nun 'yung ginawa mo. Puro emotions at feelings mo nilagay mo sa artikulo, walang critical thinking. Napaka-fallacious ng pinagsasabi mo. Inaatake mo na si Lourd de Veyra at hindi 'yung sinulat niya. (katulad ng ginagawa ko dito. So fun!!)

NKKLK. Please, 'wag ka na magsulat ng articles lalo na kung response ito sa iba pang article na hindi mo pala naiintindihan. Mag-aral ka na lang EE sa RTU at kung pwede pa, kumuha ka ng Social Science (e.g. Philosophy, Logic na kailangan mo para hindi ka ganyan mag-isip; Sociology, Political Science, Economics, para alam mo kung anong meron at nangyayari sa lipunan natin at para maisip mo rin na kaya tayo ganito dahil maraming taong katulad mo) at writing courses na rin, tinuturo rin nila dun ang pag-sulat ng mga akdang may sense. Okay? :)

O 'di ba. Rational at open-minded 'yang komento ko. :)

kuya pls Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 22:18

naknampu... na-attract pa ako sa title ng comeback mo kay lourd kaya kahit bawal ang net dito sa workplace ko talagang binasa ko pa ang article na ito...

walang kwenta, bro! at masisibak ako sa trabaho dahil dito? wtf!

big boy palaboy Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 23:19

Isang magandang umaga sa inyong lahat.

Mawalang-galang na nga po sa inyong lahat, ako po ay isang ina, asawa at mamamayan ng Republika ng Pilipinas.

Katulad ng nakararami sa inyo dito na mahilig magbasa at mag-komento nais ko ring ibahig ang kaunting nalalaman ko tungkol sa dalawang artikulo na nabasa ko, ang Open-letter ni G. Lourd De Veyra at itong artikulo ni G. Sherwin, at base sa mga komento ninyong lahat.

Una, wla akong nakikitang mali sa kanino man sa kanila, pareho silang naglahad ng kanilang sariling mga kuru-kuro katulad rin ng paglalahad natin ng ating sariling kuru-kuro, isa yan sa mga batas ng Pilipinas ang FREEDOM of SPEECH, ang hindi lang maganda sa ating mga FILIPINO ay yung ugaling magkomento ng hindi magandang salita patungkol sa mga nagsulat, hindi na rin siguro nila maiwasan ang mainis o magalit para dun sa mga IDOL nila.

Pangalawa, tungkol sa artikulo ni G. Lourde De Veyra, isa po ako sa napakaraming nanonood ng mga palabas ninyo sa TV man o sa WEB, at sa nabasa ko sa artikulo nyo kung paka-intindihin lang mabuti mas may nilalaman ang mga salita mo patungkol sa isang partikular na tao dun sa pelikula (para sa akin hindi yun kay G. Vic Sotto). alam nating lahat na sa panahon nating ngayon mahirap na makapanood ng isang QUALITY FILM/MOVIE dahil walang sino man ang gusto magbahagi ng kanilang personal na KITA para sa isang makabuluhang pelikula. maganda man o hindi ang isang pelikula pareho lang pong pinaghirapan yan ng mga taong kung tawagin nila ay CREW, kaya walang sino man sa atin ang may karapatang sabihin PNY (Pwede Na Yan) dahil yung mga taong nasa likod ng kamera ay ang mas naghihirap sa bawat pelikulang pinanonood natin.

Pangatlo, sa artikulo ni G. Sherwin, kung nais mong magbigay ng "Rational Response" sa artikulo ni G. Lourde wala naman po akong masasabi dun ang sa akin lamang po sana po naging pangkalahatan sana ang ginawa mong "Rational Response" base po kasi sa nabasa ko inilahad mo lamang ang kimkim na sama ng loob mo kay G. Lourd.

Pang-apat, sa aking pananaw sa dami ng naging trahedya ng Pilipinas at sa maghapong paghahanap ng ikabubuhay nating lahat wlang maganda o panget na pelikula pinagkagastusan man o hindi, magaling man ang bida o hindi, mahal man o mura ang ibinayad natin, ang mahalag kahit na paano naibsan ang kalungkutan ng nakararami sa panandaliang aliw na bigay ng mga pelikulang PILIPINO.

Hindi man tayo kasing engrande ng HOLLYWOOD, meron naman tayong kasabihang MAHALIN NATIN ANG SARILING ATIN. (This make sense in everyway).

God Bless.

twinangel Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 23:22

you sir are the epitome of utter utter stupidity.theres so much here i want to comment on but i will just comment on one thing,because i work in the film industry."we are a third world country so dont expect the kind of quality of movies,story,production value etc wise as first world countries??you sir just stepped all over what the independent film industry in this country has worked so hard for.to create intellectual,high quality films on a "3rd world" budget.i have seen filipino films go to canne,berlin,pusan etc for half the value and for lesser known actors than this film.there for your argument(if there was an argument to begin with.u didnt even argue why my little bossing isnt a bobo film.you just poked fun at lourd de vera.horrible job might i add) is invalid.

marc patiag Tuesday, January 7 2014 - 23:27

non sense ang response mo.. ginamit mo lang ang letter to make it viral hahaha...

damnthing Wednesday, January 8 2014 - 00:40

After reading all comments..

Please wag ka magbibigti maam?sir?.

Alam namin na naisapubliko mo ang iyong katangahan..kabobohan at mababaw na kaisipan.pero wag ganun..wag magbibigti,

Lipad ka na lang ibang bansa...hahahaha..

hilikus Wednesday, January 8 2014 - 00:48

Walang rational dito ungas ka.

May apat na editor's note ka pa, tangna sinong Jackie Ungassis ang nag edit nito? kalokohan.

WAT Wednesday, January 8 2014 - 02:08


hindi ako matalino at magaling mag englis pero cgurado ako mauunawaan nyo naman to ser ang galing nung pag sagot nyo simply as u answered it., at nakahanap ako ng ilang sagot mula sa mga nag comment dito, as summary PNY. kumita naman at about sa RASP song critic mo :D yun lang ahahaha try mo himayin ser analyze, irelate., ahaha

much love and RESPECT

hoven Wednesday, January 8 2014 - 06:55

This ain't rational. You should've changed your title to something more appropriate to your article's content. Did you even review your this before posting it? Basics pa lang wala ka na. Your rants are too shallow and far-fetched from the article you are irrationally bashing.

Please grow up.

shet malagket Wednesday, January 8 2014 - 08:03

Jusmiyo koya. Ok lang yan. Ingat ka nalang kasi next time.

machete Wednesday, January 8 2014 - 09:52

Hahaha, who is this moron tryna impress? Sana napanood mo yung Bwakaw(Eddi Garcia), Magnifico, or other heartfelt Filipino Movies, then you would know that we have hidden talents hiding amongst the Filipino mainstream crowd. TVJ is my favorite pero aminin natin, iba na ang standard ng nasa showbiz industry, sometimes ratings ang money comes first.

spade Wednesday, January 8 2014 - 12:25

As much as I wanted to commend this article. The content is really very far with its heading. :) Sorry. I may not be a writer but believe me, I can read and understand. You wrote that rational approach in the first part but it doesn't follow with your one sided opinionish? haha! If he's barking a wrong tree, well, I guess your barking with a worst note :) I guess my comment seems not that rational. isn't it? :)

BERT_GroundZero Wednesday, January 8 2014 - 14:28

Panalo!!! Mas nag enjoy ako basahin ung comments kesa sa article.

COMMENT #31, yan ang pinakamagandang definition sayo. hahaha

MrAngeles Wednesday, January 8 2014 - 14:38

I don't want to say anything bad about you. But I just want you to read this simple advice I have for you.

Please think first (again and again and again) to all the words you will say.

fam Wednesday, January 8 2014 - 15:50

Squatter ka ba na may alam na konting english? I hope you did read lourds full post before you wrote this irrational blog. Off course i am not going to read this fanatical post of yours

bobosherwin Wednesday, January 8 2014 - 16:13

i dont see the rationality in this article na sinulat mo THE GREAT SHERWIN, it' splain and simple, if pinagawa ka nang reaction paper nang teacher mo sa religion or philosophy, di mo kaya bro, ikaw ay masyadong mababaw mag isip to the point na inaaake mo na in a personal way si LOURD, lets not forget,pinag aralan ni lourd ang film industry, gumawa sya nang disserataion about film, hindi naman sya bobo gaya mo.

piece of advice, wag ka na magreact kung napakababaw mo namang mag isip, stick to being an M.E student nalang


Winz Wednesday, January 8 2014 - 16:21

1. Asan ang pagiging rational dito? Paki-explain po labyu. <3
2. Sino na naman 'tong gustong magpasikat na Sherwin na 'to?
3. Nakakabobo tong basahin, bakit pa na-publish?
4. Sayang ang oras ko sa pagbabasa.
5. Aral ka pa mabuti hihi.

mesh Wednesday, January 8 2014 - 16:24

Sinayang 'ko lang ang oras 'ko sa pagbasa ng "article" na 'to. Napakapangit ng pagkasulat, napakapangit ng laman. Tinawag pang rational, e hindi naman talaga.

Also, if you didn't get the message of RASP's Gusto 'ko ng Baboy, tanga ka katulad ng karamihan.

Sana magaling ka sa kurso mo ngayon dahil tanga ka magsulat. (inuulit ko, tanga ka.)

Chong Ching Thursday, January 9 2014 - 00:42

Hahahaha ang bobo ng gumawa ng article na to. Halatang KSP kasi eh kaya nagffeeling matalino para mapansin naman sya. Tapos syempre mambubunggo ng matalino para naman masabing may 'say' ang pagkatalino nya.

Siguro inaapi to nung high school tapos nagsusubok mag 'reinvent' ng sarili nya as some smart ass in college.

May pa-mates mates pang nalalaman feeling nya Australian sya hahaha.

paolo Thursday, January 9 2014 - 02:10

hindi po ako nanuod ng My little Bossing; hindi ko na rin binasa ang maraming comments nyo, ilan lang;
pero magandang bagay po na napaguusapan ito; kung ako ang tatanungin, hindi ko po gusto ang pamumulitika ni Kris sa "kasikatan" nila Vic at Rizza; i suggest,Magandang din pagusapan, bung bakit sinasabing namamatay ang industriya ng Pelikulang Pilipino at Bakit may MMFF?

boyet Thursday, January 9 2014 - 03:45

isn't't TANGA! eh sarili mo ata 'yung tinutukoy mong gumagawa ng mga ganitong klase ng article para sumikat eh! GEH, GAWA KA PA NG MARAMING GANITO PARA MAS LALO KANG SUMIKAT

anonymous Thursday, January 9 2014 - 13:23

I don't get the rationale on "Nagcricriticize ka ng pelikula, eh ikaw ba nakagawa ka na ba ng magandang pelikula". Kung ganon lagi ang thinking, ibig sabihin wala nang karapatan mag-judge ang mga judge ng "American Idol" dahil hindi maganda boses nila? Walang karapatan magsulat ng movie or album reviews ang mga critics sa magazines dahil sila mismo walang nagawang critically-acclaimed na album? At tayo mismo walang karapatang magsalita tungkol sa bagay-bagay dahil hindi natin laragan iyon?

JP Santiago Thursday, January 9 2014 - 21:29

Hahaha... patawa to... anu toh? open letter to an open letter? You're commenting on someone else's comment on someone else's work? Yung totoo!? piggy backing ba ito sa kung ano ang uso para mapansin? --- The way I see it, you watched the movie and actually liked it just like the rest of the KIDS who saw the movie that is why you are so defending the movie and making an antagonist out of Lourd de Veyra. Honestly, i didnt see the movie. I have no plans. I doesnt really take a movie critic to know that the movie is just for kids who doenst need a storyline, a plausible plot, accuracy of data presented. Yun lang...

Markietots Friday, January 10 2014 - 00:57

Your logical fallacy is: https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/tu...

The Atheist Doctor Friday, January 10 2014 - 06:45

You didn't understand what Lourd meant. Reading this was a waste of time.

bloodberry Friday, January 10 2014 - 13:48

Ang kitid ng utak ng sumulat nito. Mag-isip isip din muna bago magsalita.

PinoyAko1985 Sunday, January 12 2014 - 07:11

i want to burst any bubble of ambition you have of being a writer. your premise is illogical, grammar flawed, point very very subjective. not to mention, your reference juxtaposed mr. de veyra's are pretentious (transformers etc.?!!!! calling them extravagant says a lot about your preference, which is crappy). but go ahead, misuse democracy's and the internet-given right to profess your stupidity because the social media do not come with a manual on how not to parade one's ignorance. criticize a palanca-winning, erudite media personality with your faulty grammar, illogical arguments, and incohesive sentences. and while you're at it, read on the emic and etic perspectives, cultural comsumption, and reflexivity to see why he wrote what he wrote. at the end of the day, you're still an idiot for failing to understand that his arguments are axiological, and yours are just...dumb. or just stick to becoming an engineer because you, sir, are not cut out to be a writer whose opinions merit any effect on social and moral change. (oh btw, if you're wondering, and modesty aside, i am a published writer with a master's degree from one of the top 4 schools in the country...so suck on that).

Bourdieu Monday, January 20 2014 - 06:28

I am this close to accepting RTU's offer to become a professor in creative writing, if only so I could sit next to this poor kid and give him a crash course in essay writing. and logic, too. but as F. Sionil (could you just google him as i am sure you do not have the mental capacity to read his novels), would say: "you do not teach students to write, you teach them to read;" and my graduate thesis advisor added: "the quality of writing is dependent on the quality of reading." Judging by this write-up, i surmise this poor kid hasn't read on enough books to bolster his writing skills. that is if he has some. by the by, I have studied media all my adult life and let me drill into your head that just because something is popular does not mean it is worth anyone's time, attention and cultural recognition. take willie for instance. if numbers and popularity were the criterion for what is culturally enlightening then we would be giving awards to willie now wouldn't we? the sad thing is that he continues to charm the masses but people in the likes of erik gamalinda and soledad reyes, and lour de veyra get crap from you. poor you. just stick to being an engineer. it would do you a great good to stay out of words and letters.

Althusser Monday, January 20 2014 - 09:54

Pare, take the comments to heart. they are full of wisdom. Heed their nudging and quit writing. That way, you do the whole world a favor. May I implore you to read, read, and read some more to avoid sounding like a moron with poor reading comprehension skills when writing a critique on, well, on anything.That, or quit, just quit writing.

Foucault Monday, January 20 2014 - 10:01

Rationality? Perhaps, my good sir, you and i differ in what we think as rationality. I am coming from the post-postivist school of thinking. How about you? Ay oo nga pala, RTU. :(

Doyle Monday, January 20 2014 - 10:05

Bottomline: Hold-up ang My Little Bossing ng riding in tandem na Vic & Kris. Pera pera lang talaga ang puntirya ng pelikulang ito. Tama si Lourd. Bobo si Sherwin.

jak Monday, January 20 2014 - 13:27

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