As usual, ikaw na naman ang topgrosser. May special effects at mga engka-engkanto man o wala. Ang tindi lang talaga ng pulso mo sa bata, kaya naman ikaw ang consistent topgrosser. Bagong record daw: P50.4 million?

By the time this was written, My Little Bossing’s revenue could have certainly eclipsed the P50.4 million mark. I’m expecting a follow up article tackling about the other MMFF movie entries. Your hatred towards the movie, My Little Bossings, is evident in this article Mr. de Veyra.

Editor's note: If you don't agree on Sherwin's opinion, you might want to read "What I DISLIKE about Pinoy mainstream movies" (Authored by another blogger of

Pero kapapanood ko lang nung My Little Bossings. May problema ako eh. Malaki.

I’ve seen Word of the Lourd too. May Problema din ako, Malaki rin. It’s not humorous enough to catch the mainstream audiences’ attention. It was also trying hard to make splendid and intellectual documentaries starring a cheesy mustached man.

Sabihin na lang natin na hindi ako ang audience ng My Little Bossings. At tama nga—paglabas ko ng sinehan, puro mga chikiting ang nakapila. Obvious naman kung anong demographic ang puntirya nito. Alam ko ang unang depensa niyo ng mga producers: hindi ako ang audience niyo. “Eh di huwag ka na lang manood.”

Exactly! You must have entered the wrong cinema buddy. Or you intentionally watched the movie just for the sole purpose of making an article criticizing the movie and hope that the article of yours will become viral. Guess what? You actually made it! ( clap-clap-clap )

You become more renowned than you were before. Although you still got a long way before being as famous as Jessica Soho, Ted Failon, Mike Enriquez, Mel Tiangco or Noli De Castro. So you still have to make more of this before you can be considered as such.

Nagbayad ako ng P220 kaya karapatan ko bilang manonood na magbahagi ng saloobin.

Lourd de Veyra, you can have your money back. Php 220 isn't’t enough to degrade someone’s fruit of labor. Every crew in each of the MMFF film entries surely worked hard just to come up with a good movie. Good enough to make most moviegoers smile and get satisfied. However, thanks for letting me read your REMARKABLE and EYE-Opening open letter for free.

Gaano niyo ba kabilis ginawa ito? May pakiramdam ito na parang tatlong araw lang eh, parang minadali, or what we in our circles refer to as: PNY (“Puwede na ’yan.”)

Let me see a movie produced by the Great Lourd de Veyra. We’ll switch seats and I’m gonna tell if that one is not a PNY (Pwede na Yan) type of movie as your “circles” use to call them. They took a considerable amount of time constructing catchy and funny punch lines to make people laugh. Even famous drama actors and actresses said that it’s harder to make people laugh than it is to make tears fall from the audiences’ eyes.

Hindi kami nagbayad ng P220 para bentahan ng pancit canton, tinapay, sabong panlaba, cough syrup, at kung ano-ano pang produkto ang ine-endorse ninyong dalawa ni Kris Aquino. Ganoon na ba kayo ka-desperado? Hindi naman siguro.

There were a lot of endorsements on that film which were a little bit annoying at some point. But it’s part of the business. They were the movie’s sponsors so it is right and proper to give them back the favor. It didn’t affect any punch lines on that movie anyway.

Editor's note: If you don't agree on Sherwin's opinion, you might want to read "What I DISLIKE about Pinoy mainstream movies" (Authored by another blogger of

Hindi kami nagbayad ng P220 para lunukin ang storyline na may babaeng willing magbayad ng P20 million para patirahin anak sa bahay ng accountant niyang hindi naman niya ka-close. Mahirap lunukin ang kuwento na may babaeng milyonara at edukada na magpapadala sa banta ng salbaheng kapatid na isisiwalat raw sa media na siya (Kris) ang mastermind ng pyramiding scam (Nalito ka ba? Ako rin eh).


Are you expecting a story line which is as great as Inception, Sherlock Holmes, or Harry Potter? You must have been barking at the wrong tree. Movies like My Little Bossings is just going with the flow, they avoided staying away from the norms set by the Filipino entertainment industry a couple of decades ago when Dolphy was still around doing Chalrie Chaplin-esque films which were admired by the Filipino audiences.

Pero bossing, maiba tayo: hanggang ganito na lang ba?   Pagkakataon niyo na sana. Kayong dalawa ni Kris Aquino ang dalawa sa mga pinakamakapangyarihang pangalan sa showbiz ngayon. Ang daming nagtitiwala sa inyo. Ang dami-dami niyong puwedeng gawin. But this is the best you can come up with? ’Wag niyo sabihing “Pinaghirapan namin ito,” dahil maglolokohan lang tayo.

( Astro Cigarette – One of the greatest Filipino Music Hits ever )

Can you come up with something better dear Lourd De Veyra? Yesterday, I watched a news program where you served as a news anchor. You were outstanding! You are something that’s worth watching sir. You can even be compared to the likes of Jay Leno, David Letterman and Anderson Cooper. You’re just that good.

This morning, I’ve listened to the songs “Astro Cigarette” and “ Gusto ko ng Baboy” by Radioactive Sago project. I had a very good time listening to them. A Bohemian Rhapsody wannabe with an absurd lyrics. Can you come up with a better song than these two? Come on, I was expecting a lot more from you. It was like I just wasted my hard earned money by buying a Radioactive Sago Project album in Odyssey. (facepalm)

Take note: hindi nanood ang mga tao ng My Little Bossings dahil tingin nila’y maganda ang plot at storyline—wala naman ito sa mga trailer eh, hindi pinakita. Pero hindi naman porke naka-bangko kayo sa ka-kyutan ni Ryzza Mae at patawa mo ay PNY na lang ang ibang aspekto ng pelikula.


If you are expecting a movie as extravagant as the Transformers, IronMan or Avatar, then why not watch foreign movies? Remember, we are living in a third world country where a film’s budget is directly proportional to the economy’s status. Why produce a half a billion peso film if you are not sure if you will be able to rake in a billion peso revenue? Be realistic Mr. de Veyra. Just my two cents Sir.

Oh by the way narrow-minded Lourd de Veyra, don't miss my points and get back on me with my grammar lapses. You are just De Veyra, not the Lord!

Do no harm like the weeds of Colorado. LOL

Lastly, part of the 2013 Metro Manila Filmfest's proceeds were donated to typhoon Yolanda victims and survivors.

Update: A good point raised by one of our readers, John Paulo, against the statement of De Veyra (see full FB comment below).

...Why focused more on My Little Bossings rather than rants on MMFF's (criteria) 'diba? For me, you cannot blame the producers if they pass the criteria to be in the 2013 MMFF...

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Editor's note: If you don't agree on Sherwin's opinion, you might want to read "What I DISLIKE about Pinoy mainstream movies" (Authored by another blogger of