MTRCB - Wowowillie under three-month Probation over Skimpy Outfits and Excessive Flesh Exposure of its Dancers(EDITORIAL)

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MTRCB - Wowowillie under three-month Probation over Skimpy Outfits and Excessive Flesh Exposure of its Dancers(EDITORIAL)


The controversial TV host, Willie Revillame, is again in hot water over the outfits and excessive flesh exposure in Wowowillie's 16 April 2013 & other episodes.

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) placed the noontime show "Wowowillie" on a three-month probation. Hence, Wowowillie will be subject to per-episode review for 3 months, and subjecting it to an SPG (Strong Parental Guidance) rating effective immediately. TV5 and Wowowillie were further required to submit reform and self-regulatory measures by 06 May 2013, according to the MTRCB panel.

The probation came after the agency called the show's attention over the revealing outfits of "Wowowillie" dancers wore on its April 16 episode.

In a statement, MTRCB said the show already apologized to the board.

"At today's hearing conducted by the MTRCB's Ad Hoc Committee on the skimpy outfits and excessive flesh exposure in Wowowillie's 16 April 2013 & other episodes, TV5 and the said show accepted responsibility for the said lapses and apologized to the MTRCB," the statement read.

Last month, MTRCB also called the attention of "Wowowillie" after Revillame lambasted his guest co-hosts Ethel Booba and Ate Gay live on air. -- report from ABS-CBN news

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Due to the recurring violations of Wowowillie, netizens urge the MTRCB panel to kick the show off the air and lock out the studio of Wowowillie. I personally consider this as an impulsive and superficial demand which will not merit any legal value. I am not a legal counselor but I am confident that I have a good and strong argument here--MTRCB is just following its guidelines and procedures as defined by the provisions of the agency and majority of the netizens are just being driven by their emotions and they've lost their logical reasoning.

We are not attempting to defend the noontime show of TV5 nor Willie Revillame. In the first place, I am not an avid fan of Revillame but I am not one of the haters of Willie either. The purpose of this article is to broaden your perspective on how this issue is being handled 'legally'. I know that there could be thousands of young viewers watching when the episodes of Wowowillie were aired last week, however, can anyone technically explain to me how grave was the offense of Willie?

Now, come to think of this, if MTRCB will set Wowowillie off the air, would it be a fair sanction? We've seen how the other noontime shows of the two (2) giant networks violated the guidelines of MTRCB, so obviously MTRCB can't just make that decision without making fair evaluation and assessment of Wowowillie's case.

Don't use your emotions to justify your hasty conclusions. Use your brain and weigh the facts! Look around you, check yourself, assess your neighbors, and check the norms of our society. Once you're done doing those, you might probably realize that we are just living in the world of hypocrites. Yes, that might even include me and you.

No offense to religious groups. Willie's act wasn't grave and his offense is now being addressed by legal procedures through MTRCB's decision to put the show on a three-month probation.

By the way, how much tax did you pay in 2011? Willie Revillame paid his dues amounting to Php5,852,304.08. He was ranked by BIR as the #181st top taxpayer in the Philippines for individual taxpayer for 2011.

Don't demand for the closure of Wowowillie. That's too much and that's ILLEGAL!

So, how about you? What's your take on this?

System Admin


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Posted by on 22 Apr 2013

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