Jimmy Sieczka - 20 Reasons Why I Dislike Philippines

By: System Admin in Editorial

Jimmy Sieczka's video entitled "20 Reasons Why I Dislike Philippines" hits the social networking sitesJimmy-Sieczka-Dislikes-the-Philippines.jpg and on the entire web. And as expected, thousands of Filipinos were violently reacting to it. DiversityHuman.com decided not to publish an article related to this topic until today. That is simply because we want to monitor (again for the Nth time) the response of netizens regarding this delicate and insulting manner of relaying the truth regarding numerous issues that are left unaddressed by our government officials. So, here we are again. Philippines, "Diversityhuman.com TOLD YOU SO!".

The time when Department of Tourism launched their new slogan, DiversityHuman.com published an article "It's more FunNY in the Philippines" - Department of Tourism" in which we listed couple of reasons why it isn't fun in the Philippines. However, we also urged public officials to resolve internal social issues, political issues, etc.

Sieczka's “hate list” includes: a gigantic hole on the sidewalk temporarily covered up by a trash can, street vendors who sell sexual performance enhancer, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, the lack of proper sanitation in market food stalls, Pinoys' obsession with whitening products, pollution, plastic bags on the street, drivers who ignore traffic laws, lazy security guards, and so on.

Most of Jimmy Sieczka's statements are true and valid argument. For me, it's not an insult. Local officials said that it's an eye opener.

What! An eye opener? Aren't their eyes not yet opened when our local TV stations aired several of these issues long time ago? Jimmy elaborated not just newly emerging social issues but a long time social and political plague. My eyes are always open and I see several undisciplined Filipinos roaming the streets who seems not to bother the results of their actions.

People of the Republic of the Philippines, stop reacting and using profanity in youtube to retaliate what Jimmy has said in his video. Instead, we have to move on and assess what we can do (POSITIVELY) so that we will not get the same insult(majority's point of view).

How do we solve political issues, environmental and social issues, etc? For me, as the Administrator of DiversityHuman.com, I would only point out two (2) basic aspects to address everything.

1. Discipline among ourselves and be a responsible citizen. Learn how to discipline yourself. When I walk the busy street of EDSA down to Makati, I can't just simply close my eyes that there are hundreds and thousands of Filipinos who chooses to be irresponsible. Is it that hard to follow traffic rules? Is it that hard not to cross the street when you're suppose not to? What's the purpose of the traffic light? We seem to struggle in achieving self discipline. Why?

In this busy street, you will observe too many cars and buses violating the traffic sign boards. Is it that hard to be in the traffic lane where you suppose to be in? We seem to struggle in achieving self discipline. Why?

In the business zone of Makati where you can see vast number of people wearing ties, when they smoke outside the building, I saw people throwing out their cigarette butts into the sidewalk gutters, plant's pot, etc. Is it that hard to take two steps to get yourself near to the trash bin? We seem to struggle in achieving self discipline. Why?

Global changes won't happen if individual citizens don't have the heart to change among themselves. Philippines will not progress if we will not cooperate. Personally, there are so many politicians that I hate, but I don't consider that a reason for me not to follow the guidelines set by the government.

2. Discipline among family members. This is the basic unit of our society. If we can overcome to make each of our family members to be responsible of their actions and fully disciplined when they go out from our homes then we can expect a better community. If you are the eldest in your family, then be like a father or mother to your sisters and brothers. If you are the youngest in the family, then aim to be mature and responsible like your father and mother. Thing is, most of us have a twisted philosophy in life. We have a lot of struggles in our family and we tend to bring that out of our houses and we badly influence others. Again, be responsible!

To address big issues, we have to address small details among ourselves and we have to establish a strong, responsible, and disciplined family unit.

Office workers, discipline yourself and do your part.
Fish vendors, discipline yourself and do your part.
Drivers, discipline yourself and do your part.
Politicians, discipline yourself and do your part.
Mall employees, discipline yourself and do your part.
Janitors, discipline yourself and do your part.
Security guards, discipline yourself and do your part.
Supervisors and Managers, discipline yourself and do your part.
And the list goes on and on.

I am not perfect nor near at the state of being perfect. I just don't like to hear myself again saying, "I TOLD YOU SO".

Have a blessed and meaningful life.

DiversityHuman.com Admin

System Admin


System Admin

DiversityHuman.com Administrator came from a very humble beginning. Born in the middle of the jungle. Raised by a very loving mother. Grew with a very hard working father. Experienced poverty at the lowest level.

Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 19 Mar 2012

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Editorial 1

:( i felt bad about this..Jimmy Sieczka was the key to the Filipino's awakening especially our government officials..we should be ashamed of it and even us can tell that it is true and should do something about it.

gene Tuesday, March 20 2012 - 14:41

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