What I dislike about Pinoy mainstream movies and Films

By: jayleen in Editorial

What I dislike about Pinoy mainstream movies and Films

Now hold on a sec! Before you go on hating me saying “You don’t support local films, you’re hating on your own craft blab la blab la aasdfghjkl!!!” Oh save it!


The title says what I dislike about mainstream movies and films. So DUH! It’s basically negatives. Now if you don’t want to explore the two sides of the coin and you’re always on the positive side, then I suggest you stop reading.

I’m excluding the indie films; they’re a whole different topic. But at least indie films know variety. Now for mainstream, however, there’s too much consistency. What do I mean by this? Okay, here it goes.

Tell me if you haven’t seen or heard these plots or scenes a million times before.

1.) A poor girl/guy falls in love with a rich girl/guy
Seriously? Can’t they make a plot out of middle class people?

2.) There’s an adopted child in every family
It’s like it’s the only way to add a twist to any family story

3.) A super-duper innocent nice kid who talks slow and sweet-like
Do all nice kids talk slow and sweet and just plain nicey-nice? Stereotyping much? Why not try a sassy, funny, sarcastic smart girl or boy who happens to be nice?

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4.) A bitchy antagonist who talks bitchy and rolls her eyes a lot with a group of friends who all act like brats and speaks “CONYO”
(Most of the time this bitchy girl is a sister of the nice girl … Ooh but she finds out she’s … wait for it … ADOPTED *GASP!*) Can’t these antagonists be mysterious, one where the audience could say “Golly she’s the bad girl all along?” Why do their characters always have to be portrayed in the TYPICAL side? Fashionista, pink-wearing, maarte girl. They have their friends swaying their hips and wearing matching skirts.

5.) If you’re gay, it’s automatic that you’re loud and you cross dress.
This is why most gay men are misunderstood. The media always shows that gay people always have to cross dress and be feminine etc. I know so many gay people who act manlier that men yet in these shows, when you say there’s a gay character, expect that he’s wearing make-up or something.

6.) If one topic is a hit, they use it over and over again.
I mean what's up with all these marital unfaithfulness shows? Shows about two wives, affairs etc. My gosh! The amount of these illegal wife/ illegal relationship movies are too damn high!

7.) Trying too hard with the quotable quotes?
A good film is quoted for a line that’s not even expected to be famous. The films we have right now are trying so hard to make these lines that “seem” cool and are delivered with great emphasis just so they’d be quoted.

8.) Everything is too melodramatic
Our films always tend to have overly dramatic scenes. I don’t even want to further explain. It’s just that they overuse crying, shouting and screaming too much.

9.) Sex! Always about sex!
They feel like adding sex to the film and making it the center of the story makes it complex, while it’s quite the opposite.

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I’m an audience. Critics aren’t the only ones whose opinions should be heard. They make these films for the audience; better hear criticisms from the audience.

Oh and one more excuse I’m not going to buy. They say “Well we make these shows because it’s what the “Masa” wants.

Really? You underestimate the masses that much to think that they’re not capable of appreciating new and innovative ideas?

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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 29 Dec 2013

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