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Jimmy Sieczka apologized regarding his video "20 Things I dislike in the Philippines"

7 days ago, Jimmy Sieczka released his controversial video "20 Things I dislike in the Philippines". which went viral.

The video became popular due to numerous feedback and violent reactions of web users. Though DiversityHuman.com took Jimmy's video wholeheartedly and nothing against him but many ofJimmy-Sieczka-Dislikes-the-Philippines.jpg us Filipinos couldn't accept the fact that it's the other way of bringing up an aging unattended issues in our society. And as usual many were asking public apology from Jimmy Sieczka especially City Councilor Sisinio Andales who threatened to file 'persona non grata in the city'.

So here we are, Jimmy apologized just like what you've been asking for. So what now? Did it change and resolve the issues he brought up? Common we keep on crying like babies begging for public apology.

Jimmy apologized to the Filipino people through the post of DJ Mo Twister's twitter account after his early morning radio program over Magic 89.9, “Good Times” and it reads, ""I, James Sieczka, have considered the Philippines as my second country and Cebu as my second home. The subject video that was aired was made in good faith and as a legitimate and reasonable exercise of my right, ‘freedom of expression.’ There was no intention to scrutinize the city nor the people that governs the same.

"It's an honest observation and opinion that I myself think needs to be worked on, not just specifically in Cebu. These are little things that we see around us as normal people and from the eyes of an ordinary man like me. But from all that's happening and me just trying to exercise my freedom of speech, I am very open and amenable for an apology, on the manner and means that I exercise my right, if the need presents itself. As a sign of my compliance with the duly authorized authority and rule of law, I am not ashamed to apologize to people that I offended in the process, with the hope that you would reconsider in declaring me ‘persona non grata."" Sincerely, James Sieczka.”

But aside from that, Jimmy Sieczka published another apology but this time through a video.

He started by saying, “Hello, this is Jimmy, the host of ‘20 Things I dislike in the Philippines’ and I just like to start by saying that the video that I hosted was never made to attack or put down or to hurt or to let down some of the people in this wonderful, beautiful nation that’s been so great to me since I live here two years ago, two and a half years ago.”

""I just really wanna say, you know, it saddens me that so many people took it a horror, took it so serious, which is kind of…”. “I’m deeply sorry that I’ve offended some of the people in the Philippines and the show is just made to point out obvious things that any other person probably would acknowledge and say to themselves or say to their friends but obviously not take the steps that I took…"" - It sounds too fake! Maybe because of the pressure from the local government officials of Cebu or could be due to the threat of 'persona non grata' case that will soon be filed against him.

My standpoint as the Administrator of DiversityHuman.com regarding Jimmy's apology, "IT IS NOT NECESSARY." The way that the whole idea which were presented in his video were a bit harsh, straight forward, and unconventional but it was excellent and there's nothing more that I can think to make that video better. Again, there are some parts of the video that I would disagree such as the obsession of Filipinos to whitening products. If some of you wants to know the reason why, I tell you this-Americans are also extremely obsessed in tanning products. However, this is just a minor thing that I would rather choose to neglect.

We Filipinos, need to focus to those things that we need to develop and change. Look at yourself in front of the mirror. During the time of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, our Philippine Armed Forces were considered elite in Asia. I met a couple of Americans who visited Philippines in early 70's and 80's and they said Manila was clean and the waters of Manila bay was crystal clear but when they visited in the late 90's everything started to be a mess. That only means, we are stocking too many problems and leaving it unresolved.

Philippines? Are you with me now? I never decided to go abroad though there were too many opportunities for me, simply because I love my country. But it looks like, I am losing hope. I am saddened and very frustrated for all of the happenings in our country. I tried to do my part but why isn't my beloved country is no longer moving forward? The issues that I've seen when I was a kid are still the same of what I see at the present. Do I really have to bear all of these until I die?

Philippines, don't wait that the Administrator of DiversityHuman.com will completely lose hope. Don't wait that the entire Filipino will die bearing all the sadness that you brought us. Wake up while we still have some hope left in us! Stand still while we have this little faith in you!

Oh by the way, sorry to mention this. Philippines, where did my tax go? My tax in 2010 was around Php 73,000+ and in 2011 I paid more than Php 100,000? There are so many taxpayers who've been paying higher taxes than I do. Are you not ashamed of what you've been doing to us in return?
I never had a complaint regarding my taxes & duties and I even convince my co-employees to do the same. But there's only one thing that we are begging from you our beloved homeland-Don't let us live with hopes but help us live with prosperity!

"20 Things I dislike in the Philippines" video stream.

Jimmy Sieczka's Apology

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