Invasion of Privacy and Character Assassination of Gregory Paulo Llamoso - AMALAYER VIDEO Author

By: DiversityHuman in Editorial

One of our readers, Yor, is asking us to post his/her comments regarding the unauthorized recording of the AMALAYER incident in LRT-2 station after the said reader viewed our article calling the attention of Paula Jamie Salvosa to speak up and fight for her right.


The following message is an original content from Yor. decided not to publish his/her full name. Moreover, the content below has not been edited because we want to publish it as it is.


… to the family and friends of Paula Jaime Salvosa … I suggest that you take a screenshot of the thread heading that includes all the friends tagged by Gregory Paulo Llamoso … and download this video … that complaint you made in front of the 3 LRT-2 personnel was a legal act of customer grievance and you are entitled to such ... and that was clearly a PRIVATE CONVERSATION between you and those aforementioned personnel … NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO VIOLATE THE PRIVACY OF OTHERS … get immediate LEGAL ASSISTANCE against this Gregory Paulo Llamoso … this CRIMINAL act by Gregory Paulo Llamoso should not be left UNPUNISHED !!!

... to my friends ... here is my personal take on the lrt-2 incident ... gregory paulo llamoso has crossed the line ... he has invaded the privacy of the young lady who was just infuriated by the treatment she got from the security personnel ... customers have the right to complain ... she was complaining to a group of lrt-2 personnel which is a legitimate form of grievance ... there was a previous encounter that led to the customer's outrage ... i hope none of you (and any of your loved ones) who easily condemned paula jaimie salvaso experienced the malicious humiliation made by this gregory paulo llamoso ... are you happy because of the miseries of others ?!?!

... let us just hope for those who ridiculed paula jaimie salvosa won't be experiencing being videod without your consent by others in your personal unguarded moment and posted for humiliation in public

As of this writing, the original video of Gregory Paulo Llamoso he uploaded in his Facebook profile is already unavailable. The video content might have been taken down when someone made him aware that he may face possible legal charges due to invasion of privacy and for committing an act of character assassination. The removal of the video from his profile happened after published an article encouraing Paula Jamie Salvosa to defend herself against cyber bullies like Gregory Paulo Llamoso.




Posted by on 16 Nov 2012

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