Newest Plagiarized Speech of Senator Sotto is Trending in all Social networking Sites

By: System Admin in Editorial

The plagiarized speech of the Philippine Senator, Tito Sotto, became viral in both twitter and facebook. After plagiarizing the works of the US blogger, Sarah Pope, the senator is again involved in copying his speech from Robert Kennedy which he delivered on Wednesday.

Senator Tito Sotto thought of eluding plagiarism by translating the speech of Robert Kennedy into Filipino. The actual translation is available here.

Previously, Senator Sotto denied the accusations of the netizens that he plagiarized the works of Sarah Pope and as expected this time he strongly claimed that translating speeches from English to Filipino is no longer a plagiarism. Also, on this new plagiarized speech he said that he did not know the origin of the speech nor aware of the author. What a scapegoat senator!


View Tito Sotto plagiarism photos - a huge collection of memes

The senator failed to do a factual research even before he translated the speech of Robert Kennedy and even us are now questioning his credibility as part of the Philippine Senate.

Why did he rely on the message he received from his friend without making an ample research? Why he decided to plagiarize someone else's speech? Why he chose to make another attempt of plagiarizing the works of others?

Can't he understand that plagiarism is a silly work specially if you hold a high post in the government?

Is he too desperate to get the sympathy of the Filipino people?

To Senator Sotto consider the following:

1. When you are in the senate remember that your audience are not just your EAT Bulaga fanatics. Majority of the spectators in the legislative body are intellectual beings. (Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that EAT BULAGA fans are low-level form of human being.) I also watch EAT BULAGA and I was also happy that the local show was franchised by Indonesia.

2. We scrutinize your job because it is our job to do so. The taxpayers are the ones who placed you in that post and we are the ones who pay you to be of service to us. Any small thing we see as incorrect, definitely you will hear our words.

3. We are not BULLYING you senator. Again, in line with #2, we are paying you to be in that post. Do what is right and DO NOT try to resist and make a point if you know that majority are perfectly seeing you making a big stupid mistake.

4. Consider these comments as constructive criticisms. Being the administrator of this site, at times, I even clashed with my employees but I always make sure that I listen to them for me to attain better personal development and to be more productive in life.

5. It takes a little IQ and a humble heart to accept your short comings. Pride and arrogance leads you to nothing. Senator Tito Sotto, plagiarism doesn't really require legal documentation from the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines to consider that someone has plagiarized someone else's work. Be humble and you will understand 'plagiarism' without you searching the meaning of it in miriam-webster dictionary. By then you should know how to pay proper attribution to the original content writers and authors.

Disclaimer: aims to fully support all officials serving in the the Philippine government but we also exist to provide honest, fearless, and unbiased opinions.

View Tito Sotto plagiarism photos - a huge collection of memes

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Posted by on 05 Sep 2012

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