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Friday, June 24 2016

DOJ Junks Tanim-Bala Complaint of American Tourist, Plane Passenger Becomes a Suspect

The Department of Justice(DOJ) dismissed the "Tanim-bala complaint" of an American plane passenger. The decision of the officials, appointed by the Aquino administration, concluded the case of Lane Michael White.

The decision of DOJ was quite alarming to the extent that the chief officer of the Public Attorney's Office was disappointed to the judicial system of the country. To the dismay of Atty. Persida Acosta, she aired her sentiments in an interview conducted by a field reporter of ABS-CBN news. The lawyer explained the unfair decision of the court citing that the agency is quick in blaming plane passengers when these people were caught with bullets in their luggage. Hence, the court appears too bias to the victims.

Why was the case absolved by DOJ?

Contents of the decision and the reason why the complaint was junked by DOJ had been revealed in a local report. The court purportedly did not find any probable cause and involvement of the Office of Transportation Security(OTS) personnel regarding the alleged "Tanim-Bala" modus last September 17, 2015. Moreover, DOJ said that there was no valid evidence that would prove the alleged extortion.

In short, DOJ concluded that the documents submitted by the complainants didn't have any substantial information to prove that the OTS officers are guilty of the crime.

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Monday, May 9 2016

Duterte Reached 7 Million Votes

As of 7PM, Duterte raked a total of 7M votes as reported by GMA news. Grace Poe is trailing around 3M to Duterte.

From the Commission on Elections (Comelec) Transparency Server the following partial counts were also reported by the elections committee.

Senator Grace Poe - 4,012,417
Mar Roxas -  3,847,989
Jojo Binay - 2,373,262
Miriam Santiago - 744,707

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Duterte Leads the Unofficial Vote Count

The partial vote results revealed Mayor Rodrigo Duterte earning huge vote counts among the five presidential candidates.

As of 5:50 p.m. today, May 09, 2016, Mayor Digong got a total of 1,426,291 votes. From the Commission on Elections (Comelec) Transparency Server the following figures were also reported by the elections committee.

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Haters of Duterte - Women Violate Traffic Law in Timog Avenue (Video)

The last wave of Duterte haters blocked the traffic flow along Timog Avenue. The protesters believe that their action is rational and rightfully acceptable despite the fact that they interrupted the normal flow of the traffic in the area.

The brave protesters, however, covered their faces preventing the bypassers and vehicle owners to identify them one by one. 


The rally was organized at the middle of the intersection in Quezon city is a clear violation to the rights of general public. Moreover, traffic rules can not be compromised for such isolated movement or campaign.

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Sunday, May 8 2016

(Updated)COMELEC's No Selfie Policy is Only Applicable to the Poor

COMELEC issued a rule regarding "No Selfie Policy" inside the voting precincts but this guideline seems to have exemptions that the general public is not aware of. Eventhough the officials declaired a strict implementation of the rule, a select few were given the chance to have a photo captured inside the precinct.

Thousands (if not millions) of netizens are furious about the selfie of Daniel Padilla showing the actor holding his official ballot. The other voter from the background, however, covered her face probably thinking that she will commit violations to the rule of COMELEC if her face is shown up. (scroll down if you want to check the latest update on this report)


We can't just figure out why the officials of the elections 2016 governing body didn't stop the blatant offense of the famous celebrity. More so, why Gretchen Fullido took the photo considering that there are several voters behind the actor too!

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Sunday, February 21 2016

President Ninoy Aquino Followed the Legacy of Ferdinand Marcos (Tradition of Philippine Airforce)

This article won't be that long. We simply would like to share a photo that would prove that President Ninoy Aquino III continues to follow the legacy of Ferdinand Marcos particularly in displaying the power of Philippine Airforce(PA). For now, set aside your radical views and don't tell us that PA doesn't have the force. 

One of the photos circulating on social media shows PNoy, together with the current Secretary of the Department of National Defense Voltaire Gazmin, watching the brand new FA-50 fighter jets which were bought from South Korea. The two aircrafts escorted the Philippine Airlines flight PR 001 as it enters the Philippine area of responsibility last week.


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Live Streaming PilipinasDebates2016

Here's the link to the live streaming of Presidentiable Debate with a hashtag #PilipinasDebate2016. Watch now!


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Monday, December 21 2015

Teddy Casiño and Militant leaders Oppose Wurtzbach Answer in Miss Universe Regarding US Military Bases in the Philippines

Though Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach received thousands of thumbs up after giving out her answer regarding the presence of US military bases in the Philippines, a certain politician and activists completely opposed to her explanation. Bayan Muna Representative Teddy Casiño instantly tweeted his disagreement to Pia;

“No problem with return of US bases? Ganon?”

He also said, "Pia should be briefed by Gabriela on the issue of US troops in PH to help her get a better perspective."

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Monday, October 6 2014

Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao Welcomes Vice President Jejormar Binay

The famous boxer, singer, basketball player, and Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao welcomes Vice President Jejomar Binay to General Santos City.

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Sunday, September 28 2014

ALERT: Jejomar "Jojo" Binay Political Advertisement on Facebook

We were browsing some news feeds from our official Facebook profile and we suddenly bumped into the political advertisement of no other than Vice President of the Philippines Jejomar Binay.

The political ad of Jojo Binay has a caption "Ang saloobin mo para sa bayan ay mahalaga para sa akin. Samahan niyo ako at pag-usapan natin."


When we visited the official Facebook page of the Vice President, his page ballooned its "likes" count to 454,981. Additional posts are also seen on the page relating to the controversial Makati parking building. A certain video has a DECEPTIVE content as it highlights average cost and not the total contract amount of the buildings.


The comparison is misleading. Surely you would asks, what makes it misleading and incorrect? The answer is in the image below.

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