Despite the clear irregularities of the standard operating procedures in checking the luggage of plane passengers, the justice agency firmly stated the following message in the complaint resolution. It clearly mentioned that the Laglag-bala victim, Lane Michael White, has violated the laws of the Republic of the Philippines making him now a suspect.

As to respondents Clarin, Junio, Bernardo, and Navarro, the DOJ noted that there was no proof that they extorted money from White; in their counter-affidavits, they pointed out that they merely informed White of the fine, provided by law, that he was to pay for violating it...

This controversial decision of DOJ is really sick and unacceptable. I am not a lawyer so I am hopeful that once the Duterte administration kicks in, this issue will be completely eradicated. We are tired of hearing the so-called highly intelligent beings in the judiciary system who keep on tweaking laws due to b*llsh!t technicalities.

Is DOJ implicitly telling us that there's no "tanim-bala modus" at the airport that's why they dismissed the case of American tourist Lane Michael White?